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  1. Nice.....thanks!....will make a decision in a few weeks as to what we will try to do...nothing seems promising at this point...but that might be a better option than none. Sucks to lose $250 OBC and 3 specialty restaurants for free...but it is what it is....
  2. ok..so not an option to change it for another cruise at the same time this year. So only hope is they cancel the Odyssey in plenty of time for me to book another cruise for this Nov.....this juggling act is getting tiring.....damn Covid!!...
  3. No..not that warm here yet, few days of 85 but not too humid....and yeah, I cant imagine. Point being...its not realistic imho to spend a vacation south on a beach or on a cruise ship if masks are required and not optional.
  4. Can you use the FCC for a cruise that HASNT been officially cancelled yet..due to Covid 19 or construction delays?? My final payment is due in 6 weeks for Odyssey and I know that its not going to happen. However, I booked a non-refundable deposit.....and Royal is dragging their heels about cancelling the cruise...I would like to move my booking over to Navigator that has the same sail date. Would it work for that I wonder? By Royal taking their time..they are going to screw me out of a lot of money I am sure for increased costs to book the other cruise as well as fights
  5. Not according to the polls here and on other sites...unless everyone here is lying...and that's just from die hard cruisers...….so YES, the majority of people in the USA or Canada or World (whatever you want to insert here) wont be cruising especially if masks were to be required. And no, ppl wont be crying about it.....so you dont need to keep your hopes up about that, but go ahead and tell the majority of ppl here to cry and find another vacation. Good luck drinking, smoking, eating, swimming, getting a tan with a mask on..lmao..unless you enjoy spending all your time
  6. Two really simple options/answers. 1) Eliminate smoking all together in the casino, but have a bar/club for smokers to smoke inside somewhere on the ship 2) Make the casino smoke free during certain hours and/or have a 2nd casino area for smokers or non-smokers. Both options aren't rocket science......so I wonder why cruise lines dont change one way or the other.
  7. It wouldn't be a true test...as majority of ppl probably wouldn't cruise if masks were required like that. But you solve both your issues, fewer ppl and fewer smokers. And if you cant take your mask off to smoke, you probably cant take it off to eat or drink(if your wearing a mask to save your life from Covid...lol) Maybe Covid-19 will stay around forever and you'll get your wish...masks in the casino...oh, and the whole ship...fun fun fun..
  8. They must know by now at least at a minimum how many weeks behind its going to be. It would be nice to start letting ppl know....
  9. Well then dont remain hopeful as Dr. Fauci said yesterday than it will be spring of 2021 at least before there would be enough vaccinations for the US alone.....and even then they are not sure how long the vaccination will be effective. So if that's the case...we need to accept to live with it...or shut down the world and we can all stay locked down in our homes and die peacefully in our old age, but not from Covid...
  10. Funny how certain states are SO bad(NJ, NY, CAL etc), and others not at all compared.....same thing in Canada.....if Covid doesn't discriminate, then the only thing that resulted in what happened was our reaction and over reaction to it....be interesting once this is done to hear and see what really happened.
  11. That had something to do with it for sure...but during any flu season we are supposed to be more vigilant and careful. Certainly putting sick Covid ppl in nursing homes was NOT what should have been done and lead to many more deaths then needed to be. You wouldn't do that with a "regular" flu, never mind amore deadly virus. The flip side of this of course is to think about all the emotional, mental, physical, financial issues it has caused for millions of people and a lot of deaths that will be indirectly related to the shutting down of the world for 2 months to deal with Covid….
  12. Its going away on its own..like most virus's do, at the end of the day this will be a really bad flu that hit, but nothing more once the truth and factual numbers come out(never mind the blame games for China and the WHO which could have prevented it from probably ever getting as bad as it was)...….this was WAY overblown by the mainstream media and the governments fell for it...causing massive lay offs, debts and other health and mental issues as a result. Lets hope we learn from this and then next time something like this comes along, we dont act so dramatically and draconian abou
  13. Interesting....I think that we will see these restrictions lifted and not extended past the 24th of July. The mindset seems to be now in the US at least that its time to get back to work and life as close to normal as we can come. Here in Canada I am sure they will drag it out longer, causing us to go further into debt and emotional and mental stress and hardships as our Liberal government(and unfortunately some provincial Conservative governments) continues to hand out billions and keep the economy and life in Canada closed as much and as long as possible. I would hav
  14. As long as there is a "fear" or "threat" pf Covid, I am sure this wont be happening...at least not in its current form. Really, entertainment wise there isn't much that could happen under current conditions and restrictions....but these cant really last forever I hope.
  15. I wondered the same..July 28th its due..booked through Costco. Biggest issue is that her vacation schedule for 2021 isn't able to be picked till Dec of 2020....so we are not able to rebook flights or cruises from this year to next year, even if change fees are waived and credits given etc. Was supposed to be a great cruise year....looks like it could turn into a trip to Cuba year or perhaps nowhere depending on the border restrictions.
  16. We were thinking of doing the same..but with the final payment due on the Odyssey in July, I dont think we are going to know about International travel options for Nov that early. So we are really up in the air about this. Between flights, hotels and multiple cruise bookings, its quite a headache and not sure what we will end up doing. Odyssey not sailing is pretty much a given at this point I think, so that's the assumption we are trying to make some alternate plans based on that but......
  17. Yeah...I liked the article for a more detailed idea of what to expect when cruising does start up again. I am sure each cruise line will have slightly different variations of this...but gives us a real actual idea and not a guess of what at least one cruise line is doing when they start up in 2 mths.
  18. https://www.bahamasparadisecruise.com/press-room/bahamas-paradise-cruise-line-to-resume-sailings-july-25th-with-new-health-safety-measures/ Very interesting...gives some insight as to what other cruise lines will do once they open....these guys are starting up on July 25th
  19. And kinda how I feel about my Odyssey cruise!!...If you know it wont happen, hurry up and let me know so I can make other plans!!!!
  20. Yeah..they just keep extending the international border closure for 30 days at a time....till June 21st for now....but even if/when that opens, I am pretty sure there will be the 14 day self -quarantine rule put in place....in the meantime, we cant leave our province so even if the border is legally open....it wont be easy or fun to travel. Sucks when travel is your hobby and passion!
  21. I believe we have about 7 thousands deaths...we have about 1/10th the population of the US...rough math would put our deaths at about 70,000 if population was equal...not that far off...just remove NY and we would be probably ahead. Keep in mind also...that we have been way more restricted for longer and more severe than the US....been over 2 mths of lock down for us now...and no end in sight for probably 2 more months...its insane....and never mind the case #'s....think about the severe economic, menta, l and domestic relationship damage this has done and will do for years to come
  22. Just in my province and the one next to us...…..Canada wide I am guessing we aren't far behind US numbers when you factor in the population difference. And if you take NY out of the equation(thanks Gov Cumo) you guys would prob be doing much better than us...and you havent lost many of the freedoms we have here....
  23. Interesting how a few months ago, many here thought this outbreak was much ado about nothing... Now we are talking months and months of ZERO cruises......loss of jobs, losing hundreds of millions of dollars and not sure what or when cruising will be like if or when it comes back....
  24. Ain't happening....look, I live here and I cant even visit the places the cruise ship would be stopping at...….if I am locked down as a resident, they aren't letting tourists in. We have ZERO cases in the province next to us and ONE case here....ZERO deaths in either province, and I cant take a drive or visit family there and if I try I will be charged or arrested...….. I am doubting the ability to even do my cruise in Nov based on what I am seeing and hearing from officials in Canada...its insane....until someone files a lawsuit that our rights are being violated, this is the n
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