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  1. Just curious as to why she was tested if she didn't have symptoms?
  2. Was Oasis in September and yes to the mimosas. They were my treat on several days in the casino.
  3. Sorry, just realized the $60.00 charge is not for the kid its for gratuities.
  4. Can anyone explain to me the 3 night kids dinning package? If we book it that way the kids pay $20 per venue. If we just bring the kid and pay for them each night its only $8.99. I was wondering if we book the package and pay the increased price are they allowed to order from the regular menu or is it still the kids menu? This pricing is confusing to me. Why would anyone pay more than double if they didn't need to? Am i missing something?
  5. Just curious what Oasis will be doing June 5-10?
  6. It’s available on Oasis under your cruise gifts and gear.
  7. PS..Don't forget to take the parking ticket with you as you pay at the kiosk outside the parking garage before you retrieve your car. Made this mistake the first time.
  8. Thank you all. I think we will get a notarized letter from dad just to be safe.
  9. How about the light switches. Was in a Grand Suite on Oasis and after 7 days I still couldn't figure them out.
  10. I just saw this on another site and wanted to know if anyone has done this recently? Did you have a note from the other parent giving permission? If other parent is deceased did you have to bring death certificate? Did you just provide the child's passport?
  11. We were just on Oasis and the Suite Concierge emailed before the cruise and he made reservations for CK for us and i didn't realize until we were on board that they also reserved all the shows for us. I just happen to look at the App and there were the reservations. He also emailed all suite guests everyday with a little blurb on what was happening that day. On Oasis there are 2 Suite Concierge, we tipped $50 each.
  12. I use a very small slim cross body purse that fits my sea pass and some money for tips and casino. Its about the size of a deck of cards.
  13. UPDATE Grandson's passport arrived on Monday August 16th. 27 days total from the day we had our appointment at the PO. Its a new passport, he's never had one before and we did pay the expedite fee. Can't believe the difference in processing times for a passport. And there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for the process. His mother had her appointment at the PO on August 4th and as of yesterday it says processing so we shall see how long it is for her to get it. she also is getting a first time passport. I wonder if because he is a child it somehow is a faster process?
  14. Yes. We are sailing on Oasis in September and we will not be getting off the ship except on Coco cay. We also have Freedom booked for February and Coco Cay is it for us then too.
  15. Thank you all for your insight. Going to make a few phone calls to see what we are and are not covered for. Then going to seriously look at buying the extra insurance.
  16. Just wondering if I need to purchase one of the medical travel insurance policies that are often talked about on here? I have Blue cross medical insurance and also Chase preferred credit card that provides coverage for us in the event of travel related issues. Has anyone had a issue with this when boarding? What medical insurance documentation should i bring with me?
  17. I'll play. New passport for grandson (9) Made appointment at local PO for July 20. I filled out paperwork prior. Had photo taken at PO and wrote 2 checks. 1 for PO 1 for Dept of State with expedited fees. My checks cleared in 5 days and by July 26 status was "in process". August 8th status said "approved" and i should receive in the mail on or around August 15th. (mmmhmmmm) That seems crazy fast for a first time passport. We also did this for my daughter's first time passport on August 4th and no status update yet. Checks have cleared. I will report back if we actually get my grandson's passport this weekend.
  18. Was just checking my cruise planner and noticed that Giovanni's is no longer listed on Oasis under the dinning options. Am I missing something?
  19. I booked a GTY Balcony for our 9/7/19 Anthem Cruise and the first thing I got was thru the website a muster station. That was about 70 days out. Then about 45 days out I saw my luggage tags available and they had the deck listed but still no cabin number. 30 days I received my cabin assignment, again thru the website ( never was sent an email telling me specifically about my cabin) only email was in cruise docs. Cruise docs were updated 30 days out with the cabin assignment also. This has been a sold out cruise for some time and I was very surprised to have my cabin assigned that early. On a side note, I was offered Royal Up 70 days out and put in a bid. Called Royal about 50 days out and requested upgrade waitlist. Then cancelled Royal Up. Within days of canceling Royal Up I had my deck assignment.
  20. St Maarten. Where else can you buy booze , cheese and jewelry in the same store. Lol
  21. I have booked with RCCL for all of our cruises with absolutely no problem, however I am looking forward to someone else taking over the planning for me. Royal's website issues alone are enough to send me running. I have read great things about MEI.
  22. I' am very new to posting and equally new to using this TA or any TA. I just received a quote and from what I have been reading on the message boards it seems that $75.00 OBC for booking a suite is a little low. The difference in price from RCCL and MEI is $47.00 total and then the $75.00 OBC. I was expecting a little more from booking with a TA. As I am not an established customer, is this the norm?
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