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  1. So glad to hear that...we have a couple rooms next week before Harmony and I was wondering how it would suit. Thanks!!
  2. I just coughed up $999 for a Land Locked Cabana at Chill in a week+ so consider yourself a winner and get the drink package!
  3. Definitely head to Twitter...seems that is the spot that they watch for anything negative and amazingly respond quickly to acquiesce.
  4. This is awful news and I'm so sorry. We have a Chill Cabana booked for a whopping $999 on the Harmony 10/13 cruise and I sure hope that we don't have a similar experience! I guess I'll try to avoid Henry if at all possible 🙄 bccuz mama is going to need more than one frosty drink in an hour! 🥂
  5. Thanks for the edit idea! I love the thought of the crew being able to CLEARLY read our names in our plastic tag holders!! 9 days until Harmony and I am looking for ANYTHING that I can still do to "prepare" that doesn't look crazy to the kids 😜 This gets me thru tonight!!
  6. I was just told, via email, by the Excursions department for RCCL that there will be no Day Beds or Bungalows available during our cruise in October due to remodeling and that all the cabanas are booked. Has anyone else been told something similar? I am concerned that we won't be able to find a nice beach spot to relax since they are removing all of the normal spots to chill (minus the cabanas). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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