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  1. I rented a Chill Island CabanaIt for 6 of us on a girls trip. This was a few weeks after the hurricane and seaweed was an issue in front of the cabanas. The excursion dest did alert us to this and said if we did not want to keep the cabana they would refund. There were people cleaning up the seaweed all day. The cabana itself is nice, spacious and plenty of seating. There is a cooler stocked with water when you arrive. The service was a huge disappointment and really put a damper on our day. We all purchased the drink package, one main reason was for Coco Cay. When we ordered drinks it took the cabana attendant (Henry) at least 20-30 minutes to bring drinks back and he disappeared for long periods of time, 30-45 minutes, leaving us empty drinks. At one point a couple of us asked for another round after we finally got our second drink hoping he might return by the time we were ready for another. He never brought those drinks. We started to walk over to a nearby bar to get our own drinks. The first time at the bar, one of the girls in our group asked if we could order drinks there, explaining we had a cabana and the bartender said "yes, this is the bar that services your cabana person". Later when Henry checked in on us we ordered 2 vodka drinks and brought whiskey drinks. We questioned the color and he told us it was vodka peach tea drink (I ordered vodka soda), it was whiskey. It took another 30 minutes to get the correct drinks, so we had to fetch our own. On the last round he brought my drink had bleach on the outside of the cup. When I went to take a drink I smelled it at the same same I felt it on my lips. We went to the bar again to get a replacement drink and one of the girls commented on the amount of flies and the bartender said the seaweed, brought in by the storm, attracted the flies but they were wiping everything down with bleach. That is when we said I had bleach on the outside of my glass. He just looked at us like, yeah and so? Henry served us drinks 4-5 times in 5.5 hours, so he was not around a lot, but he made sure he was right there as we were packing up at 3:30. He was very nice but his service was horrible. Saturday was a day at sea because we could not dock at Grand Bahamas and this cruise was the only one that was not rerouted to Nassau so this was our only land day. So with that and the cost of renting the cabana we were extremely disappointed. I stopped by the Shore Excursion desk and explained all this and they told us the cabana attendants have to go way across the island, so that is why it took so long. That contradicted what the bartender told us. We are headed back in February and will not rent another cabana.
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