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  1. Many Hundreds on Royal near end of Contract have already left ships. Also many more Contract Employees left in last few weeks
  2. I just text once a day. If you have a cell phone and dont want use internet, Royal service charges 50 cents to send each text, receiving a reply from home only 5 cents each
  3. Yes, expecting 10K plus protesters. Royal thought better safe then sorry
  4. Worked in multiple Restaurants in 1980's as Manager. We never served coffee at 145 or under. At Burger King we served it at 165, another place worked at it was 157. As Served At 160°F plus the flavor and aftertaste of the coffee can be judged; at 140°F, the cupper can determine acidity and body, and then move on to balance. Anything over 205 degrees will burn the grounds and leave you with a nasty aftertaste. This is the same reason you want to drink your drip brewed coffee as soon as it's finished brewing - leaving it on the heating element for too long can also burn the coffee. For a French press, you want your water to be somewhere around 195 degrees... A hot bath means different things to different people one man’s “toasty” is someone else’s “scalding.” And so it is with coffee some may like it hot, but there is a wide range of preferences on just how hot “hot” is.
  5. Wasnt that long ago when I started Cruising Royal ships didnt even have Balcony cabins....
  6. Saw report said from all causes at least 240 passengers and crew have fallen or jumped off Cruise ships in last 10yrs. Only about 20% lived... Resently there was kid fell couple decks, might been on Carnival... Agree about the Blame, as parent or Grand parent. Loss of a child, cant comprehend. Know several couple my Grand parents included, marriage didnt survive loss of a child
  7. Mexico also has Food sniffing dogs when get off ship. Would hate get caught, Large Fines! Need snacks just bring packaged items, always had them for my then young kids. And though rare over the yrs have seen about dozen passengers get bags inspected leaving ships. Not sure random or hit from something suspicious
  8. Problem is if tested by Fed agency and actully comes back positive. Watch people getting arrested on live Cop and Border police shows all the time when people say doesnt have THC in it but does... just saying be careful
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