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  1. I Honestly hope that the RCI don't pay out any money in Compensation to the Toddler's Family the Grandfather should now accept his Guilt about dropping his Granddaughter from an open window on the 11 deck and now let the matter rest for the family to be able to move on I Honestly don't see how RCI can now be held responsible after the Grandfather Changing His Mind After Thinking About This And Knowing And Realising He Could Be Charged For Her Death Himself if RCI do pay out this will no doubt come from their Insurance? And For Them To Admit That They Are At Fault In Some Way when by the Grandfathers own admission this was his fault by holding her from an open window? Also if RCI did pay out through their Insurance how would they recoup this money? He no doubt didn't wish his Granddaughter any harm when she Tragically Lost Her Life In The Fall From The 11 Deck? But how can he and the rest of her family live with themselves after the Grandfather Changed His Mind After Making A Statement? Be True To Your Loyal Customers Who Come Back To You Year After Year RCI Don't Allow Your Prices To Rise After Paying Out Insurance Money To A Family Who's Little Girl Tragically Lost Her Life After Her Grandfather Held Her From An Open Window On The 11 Deck Saying He Lost His Grip Of Her This Isn't Right In My Opinion He Should And Must Be Charged For Her Tragic Loss Of Life He Does Really Deserve To Be Charged Now Along With Other Family Members After Changing His Mind After Giving His Statement?
  2. I For one don't see how Royal Caribbean Cruises should take the blame one of the Grandfathers was at fault he sat or was dangling his Granddaughter from an open window on the 11 Deck where they were at the time he lost his grip she Tragically Fell To Her Death? He Then Said He Didn't Realise The Window Was Open? With Her Sitting Or Being Dangled From An Open Window How Can He Not Have Realised The Window Was Open? I am a Mum and a Grandma No way would I or could I Sit Or Dangle Any Of Them From An Open Window Life Is Far Too Precious To Put Any Of Their Lives At Risk Like This.
  3. He no doubt knows and realises what he has done and is trying to take the Guilt of this Tragedy away from himself? Hopefully if the Child's Family Members decide to sue RCI Nothing Will become of this and will be removed from the court's? I don't know this doesn't seem right to me!! Where were the Parents? Also the Wife of the Grandfather who was in charge of his Granddaughter when she fell from an open window he didn't know was open yet he was sitting her on the Window or dangling her from the open window when she Tragically Lost Her Life!! Yet The Grandfather Didn't Realise The Window Was Open? Her Family Members are being to Quick in Laying The Blame With Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines As Though I Am Very Very Sorry To Say Are Now Trying Too Make Money Out Of This Devastating Tragedy? I Am Very Sure I Will Not Be The Only Person Thinking Along These Thoughts?
  4. This Tragedy could well have been avoided if the Grandfather hadn't have hung his Grandchild out of an open window on the 11 Deck? Don't know what he was thinking or anything like this? Don't Forget A Toddler Has Lost Their Life In This Very Very Tragic Accident That Could Have Been Avoided? ((R I P)) (AMEN) Night Night Little Star Sleep Tight.
  5. Hi I don't have any idea what will happen to the Grandfather I think it would depend on the outcome of the Police Investigations? This Devastating Tragedy Should Never Have Happened? Let Alone in the hands of the toddler's Grandfather and from the 11 Deck of A Big Ship!! This Devastating Tragedy Could Have Been Easily Avoided Had The Grandfather Not Held The Toddler Out Of An Open Window On The 11 Deck? ((R I P)) (AMEN) Little One Having Died So Very Young You Hadn't Seen Any Life As Yet? This Does Really Make You Wonder If This Was A Tragic Accident Or Something Else? Especially In The Hands Of An Adult And Also The Toddler's Grandfather At That? Wish I Knew More But Just Have To Wait And See The Outcome Of The Police Investigations?
  6. Could we be kept updated about this Tragedy Please?
  7. Sadly this is very true one of the Childs Grandparents was holding the toddler out of an open window on the 11 deck the toddler fell to the ground where they were docked and the toddler lost their life in the fall none of the Ship's Crew can be held responsible for this this is the responsibility of the Child's Grandparents who hung the Child out of the Window on the 11 deck as we are given to understand? We have Sailed With The Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships From Southampton Twice last year and will be Sailing with them again in the not to different future!! Unsure if drink or anything was involved or just A Tragic Accident? The Toddler's Mum was heard Screaming And Crying After The Fall? Unsure if the Child's Mum Witnessed What Had Happened?
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