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  1. Our next cruise is in a suite. Other then our specialty dining reservations what other things can be arranged though concierge prior to boarding?
  2. And be sure to prepare your next cruise immediately after or even during your first cruise! PCD (Post Cruise Depression) is real and there is only one cure!
  3. I’ve been on about 20 cruises and still read blogs & you tube Non Stop before each cruise! Cruise is all I’ll talk about! So it never goes away!
  4. I’m with cruising is dangerous and not for faint of heart!!!!
  5. On another Cruise site an Assistant Casino Host on Mariner of Seas says that RCI will be going Non-smoking in Casino. Has anyone heard this rumor and know if there is any truth to it?
  6. Best locals place is Schooner Wharf Bar..... they also have live music (depending on day and time)
  7. I’d check into a local hotel near the port. I don’t know about New Jersey here in Florida hotels near port often offer stay & park with free shuttle to port. On our next cruise we are actually paying less to stay at hotel the night before the cruise and leave our car parked there then it is to park at Miami cruise parking. Then no worries about hitting traffic or missing the ship!! Just an idea!
  8. I live near Melbourne. We are south of the port. Traffic wouldn’t really be issue but drive time is probably about the same as Orlando (MCO). Melbourne you drive though town with traffic lights Orlando is straight shot on highway. Pro’s- to using Melbourne very small airport so you are in and out fast! Usually what ever flight you’re on is only one at that time. So no long security lines. Con’s- No direct flights and Melbourne is usually more expensive. When I travel I like using Melbourne because I live here. If I didn’t and was going on a cruise use Orlando.
  9. We’ve been on 20 cruises in total. The first 6 were on another cruise line. We stopped cruising with that line partly because there were to many intoxicated people and we like to drink! Along with being loud there would be lots of bad language, inappropriate drunk behavior and we saw a number of fights. One time in particular about 15 years ago on a cruise, sitting at a bar in evening talking with a really nice older couple probably in mid 70’s. The woman shook a little and had previously had a stroke. Some drunk guy came up he over heard her saying to me that in her day she had b
  10. Im curious at what amount would people stop buying drink packages? As long as people pay the price they will keep pushing price up!
  11. I’m a little confused are gratuities included in posted price of $69? If not do you pay when buy the package or per drink once on ship?
  12. I’ve bought some beautiful 14kt gold pieces of jewelry on board! Surprised to hear people say they don’t have good deals! I thought prices seem good! I bought jewelry in jewelry store in Cozumel one year that was on sheet RC recommended. About 2 years after I got back found out it was cheap, not real gold. That was upsetting.
  13. Thank you all! Now how do I get my picture to fit?
  14. Hello Dan, I also just became a member after lurking for awhile. We are diamond members. Due to life getting in the way our last cruise was 6 years ago but we are anxiously awaiting our 11 day, April 2020 cruise! And getting ready to book more! We’ve been cruising for about 22 years first 8 cruise were with Carnival cruises we then made jump to Royal Caribbean and never looked back. Diane & Dave
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