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  1. A place called 'Sprat Net' was recommended to me prior to visiting last month. We never made it there as we were on a tour but the reviews looked good.
  2. I was at Cococay on Symphony a couple of weeks back, the Water Park got really busy after about an hour and for us the wait times were too long (90 minutes for some slides), we went away and came back later but again the queues were too long. I don't feel we got value for money and would not do it again.
  3. It’s not all glass, there are gaps
  4. In our balcony room there was one at the side of the bed and above the ‘dresser’ table there were 2 usb sockets, 1 European socket and 2 US sockets.
  5. I’m currently on Symphony, these are what we have been given.
  6. Hi, does anyone know whether Dollar have a shuttle service from the port ?
  7. Yes, weighing it up Ive gone for the Refreshment package 😊
  8. Just weighing up the prices of the Soda Package and the Refreshment package. I cant seem to find any price lists for Mocktails, can anyone give me a rough idea of how much they cost. Thanks.
  9. First time cruiser so please excuse the basic question. Do you get just collect pool towels daily when you need them and return them later ? Also can you take them off the ship ?
  10. I have purchased the Surf and Stream 3 devices package for myself and my two children. Does anyone know whether it is possible to 'switch devices', obviously not to use at the same time but say i want to use the internet on my phone at one time and then on my iPad later ?
  11. Im from the UK and have my very first cruise next month. We're on Symphony doing Eastern Caribbean.
  12. Hi, we're going Eastern, we have a couple of shows booked so far, Im spending more time on planning this week. I havent found the podcast as yet but will look, Im a little out of touch with some technology but Im sure I will sort it. Thanks.
  13. Hi Im Andy, I'm from the UK and along with my two teenage children will be on our first ever cruise next month on Symphony. We are all very excited and I am grateful to have recently found these forums.
  14. I'm in the UK and retired now, but used to get 240 hours per year plus public holidays.
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