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  1. Yup not that is not normal I would keep on checking and maybe even reach out to RCL for check-in help.
  2. @msfraserLuckily I believe that RCL has moved away from NAAT to the antigen testing (10 min quick test) for unvaccinated kids on the day of embarkation which is great because you get results much faster. When we went on our cruise in this past November we did not get to embark till nearly 3 hours after our scheduled embarkation time due to the wait to get the kids tested and waiting for the testing results. I would also pack a small snack and something for your little one to play with just in case you get stuck waiting. I think it is going to be up to the port but hopefully if your family arrives a little earlier they will just let you test. Good Luck and Fun Sailing!
  3. When I was at coco cay this past November, I was waiting in line at one of the thrill water park slides and as you were going up the stairs you could see some support infrastructure in one corner of the island. It looked to me like there were housing for the staff that reside on the island, generators, garage/ repair facilities for the trams, and satellites arrays.
  4. Hello, Last year I took my kids to a place called curative. Depending on the location they will either do the PCR or the Rapid NAAT type which are both accepted by RCL. The Rapid NAAT is nice because you get results pretty quickly. I know for a fact that Walgreens offers the rapid NAAT, I am unsure about CVS. Also be prepared to test on embarkation day for your child. If you are traveling with other family members that are vaccinated have them board the ship first as there will be a separate line for kids that need the embarkation testing (At least this was the case at Port Liberty in NJ last November).
  5. I always have used luggage tags as it just makes me feel better that the paper won't fall off. Also I don't have a lanyard but I do have a waterproof cell phone case which i use to hold my seapass card. This is great especially when we go to the pool.
  6. This my boarding plan: 1) eMuster while waiting on line and on the way to the port 2) Report to muster station 3) Drink/Eat (solarium bistro or windjammer) 4) while eating book reservations for shows 5) reserve specialty dining 6) go to stateroom/unpack 7) walk around the ship 8. Sail away
  7. The prints will be annoying especially since they are larger. What you could probably do is scan those 8x10s and print them at a local pharmacy or office supply store to make them fit. Another thing i'm thinking about doing for this up coming trip is to get digitals and print them out myself.
  8. The article is interesting. I saw the article not only as a cruiser who gone on oasis class ships but also as an investor of RCL. I think the RCL has done a good job overall with regards to the ensuring they have enough cash while weathering the pandemic. Now that ships are closer to capacity, I assume they will slowly restart the amplification process again as well as invest more money into their current holdings. I think what I am truly interested in is to see the perfect day in the pacific market. I know that Asia pacific sailings have not really restarted, but I am very interested in what their plans are. Also as an investor I cannot see RCL going bankrupt and I do see RCL stock prices going back up as they deal with supply chain and staff shortages. I do not expect both of these issues to go away this summer. I expect it to continue well into next year.
  9. Hello and welcome! I believe that the 14 day requirement is for your last dose of vaccine and not the booster. The only thing I would say that could affect your daughter would be side effects while on board. I know for myself shot # 2 and the booster took a toll on me a few days in.
  10. Mine took a few weeks before the vaccination record was cleared. I wouldn't worry about it till you get closer to the sailing. My family and put in the vaccination info the first day we could check in. We got the records cleared about 3 weeks prior to sailing.
  11. Hello We did cococay with a 5 & 7 year old. We did splurge and do the thrill water park as my family love water parks. My younger one is does get scared but we had a great time. After while he even able to do the water slide with the mat by himself. If you don't do thrill water park you can always go to the pirate ship and splash away bay. There should be slides that he may enjoy.
  12. I personally am not that familiar with Venmo cards. But from looking things up on their website. It looks like it is just a debit card linked to your checking account that you can use to like a regular debit card. Personally for me I am always hesitant in using debit cards while traveling because many of them do not have the same benefits & protections like a regular credit card. I always use my credit card as it has built in fraud protection and trip insurance plus no foreign transaction fees. When I travel I only take my "travel" credit cards (cards that have no foreign transaction fee & high cash back or points for travel/travel related expenses). I am not a veteran cruisers like other on the message boards but I have not had any trouble so far.
  13. There maybe drink cards sold onboard. When I was on the allure of the seas in 2019 we had a 10 drink card for $100 being sold in the middle of our cruise. These specials are determined on the ship unfortunately. Just cause it was sold on one sailing does not guarantee that it will be available for the next. I think for me if I know I will be only drinking a few days on the cruise I may just risk it and see what's available on the ship. You may luck out and be able to get a drink card or perhaps other drink discounts on board. I would just pay attention to the cruise compass and the advertisements at the bars.
  14. I would say it depend on your travel plans and how you are getting to the cruise port. The upcoming cruise I have on the Oasis of the Seas in june, I can drive to the cruise port easily. So I decided to go for the earliest time available. But I know for other family members they are not early risers and they decided to get to the port a little later. I personally find it up to personal preference and how you get to the port. I would also mention that if you do get on board earlier, be prepared to not have your room ready for you right away. Usually the wait isn't too long. Also your luggage may not be there for you as soon as you get on board. I know some cruisers would like to board a little later so they can at least have the room fully ready for them.
  15. @CTcruisers88when you were on the Oasis did you feel like the staff was short handed? I know I've been hearing mixed accounts. Some people have said the service hasn't been as good due to not having enough crew while others felt their cruise experience was perfectly fine. I won't care too much as long as lines at the bars aren't out the door. Also did you feel overcrowded at all at any of the venues or on coco cay? I know RCL is getting more and more passengers so I am expecting my cruise in June to be at capacity or close to it.
  16. Sorry to hear about your issue. I used to be an At&T customer. I have never had an issue when I was traveling with AT&T as my cellphone service provider. Prior to covid i did do a lot of international travel and never had any instance of getting charged for wifi calls. The only time I did get charged was due to the fact that I forgot to put airplain keep airplane mode on after landing.
  17. I went on the Allure of the seas out of FT lauderdale in august of 2019 for my first RCL cruise with my family. We were a little nervous because it was hurricane season. However it worked great for use because the ports changed and our cruise got extended. With any travel during that time there are risks that your cruise could be canceled or ports could be changed. But as long as you are ok with the changes I don't see a problem cruising during hurricane season.
  18. Nice Video I will be on Oasis in the middle of june!.
  19. I want to say they usually do the 8x10 prints. I was on the athem last november and did 10 prints but we also ddint' go out of our way to take pictures. This upcoming trip we will definitely take the time to take more pictures to get the 100.
  20. Hello Cruisers I wanted to add to this discussion. I purchased the package the poster mentioned above for my June Oasis of the Seas sailing. I plan on having a lot of photos as it will be a full extended family traveling. I wanted to know if royal Caribbean will have an issue with my extended family sending pictures to my room so I can use their pictures to count to the 100 pictures. Has anyone had any issues with this? We plan on taking many different pictures with our extended family. Thanks
  21. Hello Breeda, My parents and my brother were in a similar situation last November on the Anthem of the seas. They had an interior ADA accessible interior stateroom that sleeps 4. We did not want my father to be in Pullman bed luckily the sofa bed he was in would sleep two but since there were only three in the stateroom he didn't have to share. THey have also booked a similar stateroom on the Oasis of the Seas in the middle of june. I can let you know what it looks like when I get on board.
  22. On my first cruise with my family on the Allure of the Seas we did have a connecting room to other guests. We did hear them but luckily it was not enough to bother my children when they were napping or sleeping. Also we did not receive any complaints from our neighbors complaining about my kids either so it was not too bad.
  23. I bought RCL back in April 2020 during the covid because I did not think RCL would go bankrup and I did not think that the cruise industry would implode. I was able to sell the stocks that I did have once it rose into 60s during the cruise restart. I currently have a limit buy order if share hit 45/share. I do think that the stock will bounce back.
  24. Hello As long as you are using the ship's wifi to make facetime calls or voice over IP calls such as using skype voice, whatsapp, and other VOIP services you should not incur any charges. One thing however to be very careful of is ensuring that you phone's data plan is not active while sailing. If you get connected through your phones' data plan you could be charged via your provider.
  25. Unfortunately covid will always sneak in to any gathering of people. Having high vaccination rates help but they were never meant to prevent all disease. They were only developed to prevent severe illness and death. The best thing for cruisers to do when traveling is to minimize the risks as much as possible. I know masks are no longer required for vaccinated cruisers but I will still be wearing one especially when there are a lot of people around. Also wear a real mask not a cloth mask. Ideally a N95, KF95 or KN 94 mask. Also ensure to wear the mask properly. I do not think we will ever get to a point where COVID is non existent when cruising. But we can take steps to minimize its impact and spread. Its just like norovirus outbreaks on cruise ships; they will happen but if everyone takes steps they will not be common place. I hope your son recovers quickly.
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