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  1. I am in royals demographic as someone who is going to purchase extra things lol. I will say I would have had a great time doing all the free stuff though. While i dont mind crowds all the time it's great to have a private area to retreat to.
  2. Not that i remember. Pretty sure the beach beds were a bit off to the side
  3. Thanks for all the great info in the posts. I'm definitely leaning toward Anthem and Oasis. The dates arent lining up as well as Freedom though. We still have a little bit of time to book though. For the cost I might be able to fit in 2 or 3 if I go with smaller ships and knock down the room class. Hmmm... yeah I'm not decided at all lol..
  4. We had a birthday and an anniversary on harmony. Mdr sang birthday and an anniversary song (they were identical with a word changed out). Room stewarts gave us a tiwel cake and decorated the room with a package one of our traveling mates bought. Tell everyone everything lol
  5. Glad its not just me then. Works on my phone but I dont like using it for looking for cruises.
  6. When trying to log into royals website i get the following error: We've got your info. However, we're unable to bring up your account right now, so please try again later. I can log in on my phone but on my PC I get that message. Been like that for days. Tried clearing my cookies (mmm cookies). That didn't help. Any ideas?
  7. I wish i was still on vacation....... Damn it didn't work! I am 100% having the back to reality blues. This was my first Royal Caribbean cruise but it won't be my last. I'm already planning my next cruise! While looking through pictures there were a couple things i didn't post that i wanted to mention. At port arrival a glitch in the system allowed the in-laws into the suite area even though they were not staying in a suite. We were able to have them stow away at the port and at the suite lounge until they got their physical sea
  8. Yeah i wasn't worried about getting sick on the ship at all. I have a doomsday prepping friend that was sending out a ton of group messages when i was sailing. Stocking up on water and food, i sent him a picture of me downing a drink to show him how worried i was. He sent me a message this morning saying he was locking himself in his house since i was on a royal ship that was near Anthem. I work in a medical office. If I'm getting sick it's there. I has been a pretty crazy flu season though. Most important rule, wash your hands!
  9. I was on Harmony and we were docked next to Anthem on the 30th in San Juan. There were a lot of people sick on Harmony when we left on the 26th too. At one of the ice shows there was a whole group of sick people right behind me hacking everywhere. Washy washy
  10. Wow great photos! Totally jealous... I'm going to need to invest in an actual camera so I can kick it up a notch for my next live blog!
  11. I was just in an overwater this past saturday. The price I locked in months ago was $1,499. I was looking every day for decreases. Only thing I saw were increases. Right before my sailing the final price was at $1,649.
  12. Subjective. The views are different. One will see overwater cabanas to the side the other will see a cove like spot. One was 2 rows deep (breezy) other was 3 rows deep. Regular chill island ones are probably quieter because the breezy bay ones are close to the pool. Both would be great.
  13. Yeah you are totally going to like it. The ones i took pictures of were at "Breezy Bay - Chill Island" I didn't snap a pic of the regular chill island one. Main difference between the 2 areas is the view (breezy bay will see the overwater cabanas, other one was like a cove) and Breezy Bay beds are 2 rows deep, pretty sure regular chill island are 3 rows deep. I'm sure that's subject to change. Not sure if you can pick between the 2 areas or not, but they would both be great.
  14. I've only been on 2 cruises. One was the Disney Dream the other was Harmony of the Seas. Royal is more my speed. I really liked the size and features of the ship. I have not been of fan of any of the ports in the Caribbean and Bahamas outside of the private owned islands, castaway cay / coco cay. I would probably enjoy the Canadian ports more but honestly I'm more interested in the ship. I could see my daughter not enjoying the Canadian ports at all. The amp up on freedom looks nice but not sure I'd get much use out of that new pool deck in october by Canada
  15. I just got off Harmony on Sunday and stayed in the Crown Loft Suite! It was great.
  16. Time of year depends on which itenterary and ship we pick really. If we go into the Bahamas or Caribbean I would do with sometime between March and June. If it's a Canadian destination, probably around October.
  17. I voiced my concern to the manager of the area with no real resolution. It was safety related. I took pictures of the hazard (oversight their part). Then removed the hazard so no one in my party was injured. Informed the manager found another hazard and pointed it out.
  18. Looking at my next cruise. I was just on Harmony out of Port Canaveral and had an amazing time. This time I'm looking at sailing from Jersey so I dont have to worry about flights. Very interested in a Canadian cruise but not sure how my then to be 10 year old would do on those ports. The cruises into tropical areas would all he at ports we have already been to though. Freedom looks to be getting amped but the ship size is a bit of a turn off. Oasis looks like it would be identical to Harmony. Anthem is at least different but big.
  19. On my recent cruise I had a significant issue that I would like to report to the higher ups. I expressed my concern on the appropriate spot on survey but I think it should get more attention. Does anyone have any email address at royal besides the generic ones? Before anyone asks, I do not want to discuss the issue here. I will say that it did not ruin my vacation in any way, but it did create an negative perception of a huge feature of Royal Caribbean to me. I'm sure the issues will be resolved without any intervention from me. I just want someone to know
  20. I can confirm. Tons of beach beds close to the overwater cabana area.
  21. Cant speak to them 100% but they definently have a good view. They may not be completely unimpeded but it would still be great.
  22. Did a next cruise deposit on the ship. Looking at either my birthday or the wife's birthday next year! I'll probably sail out of Jersey. Maybe a Canadian cruise? Such smaller ships going there though!
  23. I was told we could not pick. But I do have insight if they let you pick. I was in cabana 10. There are 2 sections 1-10 and 11-20. 1-5 were not ready to be occupied, 6 -10 were "ready" but there were some unfinished parts to the cabana. Little details not everyone would even notice... like the decorative ropes were only on some poles. Cabana 9 didn't have curtains... etc. I was told 11-20 were 100% but I was not over there to confirm. Cabanas # 1, 10, 11, 20 will have the most view as there is nothing on multiple sides. You will also have more swim space until you are i
  24. Were you out there on Saturday @Matt ? Saw a blog from you on that day and saw someone flying a drone in a RC shirt. I was out there waving from OW cabana 10 lol
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