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  1. I love The Langham Boston but usually stay at the Hilton Faneuil Hall because I am an ultra loyal Hilton Honors member. Love that free water on check in! I have also stayed a few times at The Verb and really enjoyed the rooms/50's kitsch but that's for Red Sox games and is out of the way. The other two are much closer to the cruise port.
  2. Wow! I have vacationed in Cabo twice since adulthood and stopped here on my last Mexican Riviera cruise and always took a taxi to get to a nice, wide sandy beach. How long of a walk was this from the tender pier? This is now on the top of my post-excursion list for my trip in December. Also, agreed on the beauty of Puerto Vallarta. I go yearly in April but seeing it from the water is amazing, how have I never gone sailing while there? Remedied for December, sunset sail now squeezed in on the schedule. Thanks!
  3. haha, of course! Thanks for your triple dip reconnaissance.
  4. Did you notice consistency in the side Mariner docked on? And did you or Nav get there first on this day? I have a port-facing JS on Nav and am hoping to face out like this instead of looking across at the other ship when in port when we double dip! Sadly it'll be a 2 ship day on both of our CocoCay stops.
  5. Wow!!! These are amazing! I'm so glad you got a show post-fog.
  6. I know this won't effect your already amazing van-beach plan but Magen's was definitely notttt busy at all the two times I have been. Plenty of chairs, super fast service. And with two ships in port! It really was lovely and calm if you ever make it back to St. Thomas.
  7. Your Coco Cay photos are amazing! (even the overexposed! haha) Thanks so much for the island reconnaissance. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Pearl Island as it's at the top of my Nassau excursion options list.
  8. Oh no! I had forgotten your Izumi report from last year and was looking forward to sushi and tonkotsu (although spicy sesame is my fave) on Oasis next May. For the price I am assuming I am better off sticking with my San Diego-based ramen and sushi hot spots. At least I'll get a free try of Solarium Bistro!
  9. Also love me a Hamilton reference. Raise a glass to freeeee-dom!
  10. It wasss me! I have literally hundreds of sunsets in my phone because I can never resist snapping them.
  11. I would only make the change if the overall price is cheaper than the DBP + Voom for 2 devices. You will not have a problem using two phones at the same time on the 2-device package.
  12. Hahaha, I'm sorry! Feel free to toss me from the parapets!
  13. Only THREE days till you go!! Definitely following. I hope your foot plays nicely and allows you to go for the iFly!
  14. Hahah this is me, too! NOTHIN SHIMMERS LIKE GOLD!! 14 big points and countin'
  15. Yep, we went in August and paid $10pp for one of the shared open-air taxis over to Magen's. We left the ship at 10:15 and were at the beach by 11 BUT we walked to the nearby grocery store to buy cocktail-making supplies and our taxi also stopped at Drakes Seat to put oil in the truck (!!) so I expect it was probably only a 20 minute ride. The $5 pp entry fee is still the same once you get over there. We made arrangements for the same taxi to come back and get us at 3 and he was there waiting.
  16. As someone currently slaving away on can/crowler designs for Bay City Brewing Co., this is a WOOF from me. WHERE DA WHITE SPACE AT?! Although the flavor sounds delicious. Will have to try one!
  17. I have read the lanyard/glasses strap rule as well. My dad combated this rule at a waterpark when I was a child by taking his old backup pair of glasses and breaking off the arms to secure them inside snorkel goggles. haha I realize this is not a practical solution but was a sweet fix in the 80's.
  18. Yeah, from what I remember of this port via cruise in 05, the tendering process is rough. I gotta get my catamaran ride in somewhere, though! They actually made me cancel and rebook another later shore excursion (3rd party) because they said I would never make an 11am departure if the ship doesn't arrive till 10. Woof!
  19. New ultimate favorite cruise beverage is a vodka/water with a splash of pineapple - very refreshing, tropical, and you won't get as hungover! Other faves include Painkillers (piña colada on the rocks with extra rum) and the BBC (Baileys, Banana liquor, Rum, piña colada mix, banana).
  20. Can't wait to see your west coast cruisin' pics from PVR and Cabo! I will be there in December. And Grand Cayman is on my possible land vacation list for August. Have an amazing cruise!
  21. I found this to be true for Freedom as well which doesn't even embark until 8:30pm! Packed starboard railings even when the view was just of a dark city; El Morro doesn't photograph well at night.
  22. Love that the excursion gave you jackets for Haleakala, I have been up there before in shorts and a tank top like an idiot and shivered till about halfway back down. Also! You captured a shot of my all-time favorite catamaran. I love Na Hoku II in Waikiki but the Trilogy is the best around. I have made it a point to sail with them every time I have been to Maui - I was even on board for my 21st birthday! They take you over to Lana'i so I count it as one of the Hawaiian chain visited. Now I need just need Molokai! A Kalaupapa hike is on my ultimate bucket list. (I don't think non-locals a
  23. Damn! @AshleyDillo its still $130 less once it's refundable... I think that's POSSIBLY worth the time on the phone. How easy is RC rebooking? haha Is it worth $130 to not deal with them on the phone?
  24. Oh you're right! My original booking is refundable but the new price I was looking at was before the names and refundability selection. Thanks so much! I will re-check before I spend the 20 min waiting for an RC customer service agent.
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