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  1. May the only thing negative about your day, be the test results!!
  2. Can't speak to Onpoint (although I would think they have something similar) but when you do a test through emed, you get an email from them that has your test results that you can print out.
  3. Never heard of it. Do you have a screen shot of what you're seeing?
  4. Since @Matt and the gang will be on Mariner on Sunday, we could care less who leaves 1st.. as a matter of fact.. we won't even notice as we'll be doing shots to the phantastic toasting the grand voyage we are starting! #groupcruisetime
  5. I used to do same day flights as well - until I almost missed my cruise due to an airplane mechanical (thank GOD I was sailing from San Juan and they didn't leave until 11pm) and this was in 2018. So now, especially with the mechanicals/weather/staff issues, I will always fly in one day ahead of time and try to get the 1st flight of the day if possible. That will give me a full 24-hour window in case things go sideways. Being the overplanner that I am, I also have saved triptiks from AAA from Ohio to Miami, Orlando & Bayonne in case I need to drive through the night. Taking an extra day of vacation/PTO isn't always feasible, but if you can, do it. I also take the same philosophy with flying home - give myself an extra day of vacation/PTO on the back end JUST IN CASE. If I don't need it, I have a day to recover from Vacation, do laundry and be ready to go back to work, instead of flying home, getting home in the early evening or night and then working the next day.
  6. I believe she went the weekend before. Here's the link to the article from that weekend I tried Elon Musk's Starlink internet on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship | Royal Caribbean Blog But 3 nighters are almost always a full throttle party as lots of "groups" (bachelorette/bachelor parties, friends getting together, large families) to say nothing of the people who just want a fun weekend away. The 4 nighters during the week are a lot more chill.
  7. Not likely Royal Caribbean CEO talks when pre-cruise Covid testing and vaccine mandate will last | Royal Caribbean Blog
  8. This is the key - Bring the empty cups in your carry on, go to Cafe Promenade or Windjammer (or any bar really) on Embarkation Day and everyone with the Soda, Refreshment or Deluxe beverage package can get the chips recoded - if the cup is cracked or leaking or otherwise broken, it can be replaced at no charge (since you've already purchased a package). Either that or add a tap/swipe function on the freestyle machine so everyone with soda, refreshment and deluxe beverage packages can just tap/swipe their seapass card and fill their own tumbler/cup with a soda of their choice.
  9. The lot numbers for the vials of the vaccine. Those are in a database and (I believe) due to the CDC protocols, that's something the cruise lines have access too. They have a record of where every lot number was sent to, that's due to potential issues and they can track down where it went.
  10. Unless it’s an exclusive event for those that booked with MEI - absolutely! Those exclusive events are marked on the schedule!
  11. @Matt has an article up on this - Royal Caribbean updates Quantum of the Seas engine trouble that requires skipping glacier viewings in August | Royal Caribbean Blog
  12. His best (and probably only) shot is if the Sox/Yankees are on Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN. But he will have to compete with Sunday Night Football and that will have the volume turned on. If he wants volume, your stateroom is probably the only option there, IF it's shown. I've been on multiple ships with Playmakers, and none of them have access to NESN or YES Network, which is why I say it's probably his only shot if it's on Sunday Night. College Football (Saturday) and the NFL (Sunday) will dominate what is shown on board in the fall. In fact, NFL Games typically take up a lot of the channels on Sundays. Either way, Playmakers will also have a schedule of the sporting events they will show during your sailing. If you don't see it, ask the bartenders Plan B may also have issues as he's not in the United States, and I've had issues with MLB Network (App and website) along with YouTubeTV being available on board due to not being in the United States. I've heard you can use Surfshark and change your location, which may help, but I'm not an expert on that. Push comes to shove, he can "watch" the games using ESPN Gamecast (which will tell him what's going on in real time, just no video of the game) but he could be attached to his phone. I also set up notifications on the MLB App about score changes and final score notifications (The app works, just won't let me watch the game)
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