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  1. So when we we booked it was $50 per and then the club opened and it shot to $200 per. We have been to C Cay before the club and enjoyed a waterpark cabana for $500. That was a stretch and way cheaper than the $1600 for our next cruise New Years 2021. We loved the waterpark (52,53, 20 and 17 Years Young). My original plan was to buy waterpark and CCB Club day passes. I didn't jump on the $50 CCB Club price and it went to $200 per, and I was out. Now the price is down to a more tolerable price (80 per) and I'm trying to figure out if it is worth it. I know we would have a great time just enjoying the island for the doughnut. The youngsters love the park and so do I, DW could take it or leave it. She like me just wants to have the family time but I enjoy the slides more. While we loved the cabana we spent little time in it because we were sliding, swimming, and snorkeling. I really don't like be waited on so that isn't a draw. The rest kids and DW don't mind it, Mom does a lot of it day to day, and the kids work in the service industry. I'm odd and it just doesn't thrill me. I'm not sure I could ever do Star Class because I would feel uncomfortable with someone doing stuff I could do for myself. Long post and a question " Is CCB Club worth it for $80 per?
  2. I was inquiring about your itinerary Western Eastern or South?
  3. We just did this and the only real problem is that your luggage will not be directed to the correct room unless you fill out the tag the way you want it. It is somewhat inconvenient to have two seapass cards. Benefit you can bring 2xbottles of wine per room, regardless of whether they get the booze package.
  4. We were on Allure over the last New Years with DW and our 20 Y.O & 17 Y.O. , not Christmas but a holiday feel. We were in a balcony and boys down the hall interior. We were Western and you didn't mention East West or South. We did date night (Giovannis) sans the boys and otherwise ate in the MDR, except one night at Hibachi. The MDR is awesome don't feel pressured to eat specialty. You will really enjoy the relationship you will build with the MDR staff. Advice 1) Have fun and never forget the irreplaceable family time! 2) My boys are here due to Covid and they say "never miss dinner , or any other meal because the food is epic". "Ping Pong and Waverider are NOT to be missed. Commandeer the rents balcony when they are in the Solarium". 3) The early bird gets the worm, don't burn the candle at both ends. Get up in the morning, and enjoy the ship with a much lower crowd level. 4) Chair hoggery is real on holiday cruises, embrace the situation on the ground. Feel free to shoot us any questions!
  5. The price has not returned to those rates for my sailings. Admittedly prime time over New years, so look for someone with more regular season sailings. We will re book the water park for $80 a head, because it was great!
  6. I think the reason that people jump all over cruise industry is it is perceived as luxury/non-necessity. People must fly and stay in hotels for work. Cruising also has a snobby rep that as @CrznTxn explains is unearned. I admit that I don't really proselytize about the virtues of cruising because most people just don't get it unless they have cruised.
  7. Just back from the Allure in Jan. We brought 2 bottles on board. They were opened and served in the in the MDR. No fee what so ever.
  8. I have never had the UDP but on our cruise we went to Hibachi for the family and had a date night for DW and I at Giovanni's.One advantage of not using a package is you can reserve in the cruise planner prior to departure. Packages require you to make reservations once aboard unless you are cruising above JR Suite. Sometimes it is better to get exactly what you vs saving a few bucks. This comes from a relative cheapskate .000000000000000000
  9. Speednoodles per the usual nailed it. We enjoyed the Key benefits but really needed to catch an early flight. That is why we got the Key. I'm not going to purchase for our next cruise.
  10. On Allure this Jan we needed to sign waivers for each activity. Super planner inside tip, you can't sign the waiver with a beer in your hand. I'm not sure how I know that....
  11. Never been to the Club, the water park was a blast for the two 50 somethings and 2 late teens. I agree with the advice to pick one. The problem, I'm guessing you got in on the club at about the cost of the waterpark. Club prices seem to have shot through the roof. Your kids will love the waterpark and the adults will I'm guessing prefer the club. If you are frequent cruiser and will go back to CCC you might have sticker shock upon return with the Club price. If you aren't returning and paid $80 pp or less for both you might want to do both. For us the park is $80 per person and the Club runs $200 per person. My original plan was to have the teens go to the park and wifey and I going to the club. I didn't purchase at $80 per for the Club. Now it is $200 for the Club and beyond what I want to spend. A tram which we didn't take runs around the island.
  12. 1. Family time and connectivity, and what I mean by that is connecting to each other. My wife and I will be empty nesters too soon, and the time with our sons is getting more and more precious. 2. Retracing Teddy Roosevelt's adventure up the Orinoco River.
  13. We had them in checked luggage as well. No issues to or fro. The real secret is WASH your hands, try not to use doorknobs or railings. Keep your fingers out of your eyes and mouth. The drink package also provide a invisible shield of protection.?
  14. We stole this idea from @Lovetocruise2002 and had no problems bringing them aboard. We didn't keep the wipes in the original container and again no problem. We cruised in Jan prior to Corona virus, but none of us were sick during or after the cruise. We wiped down each cabin upon arrival. Worth the short money and small time investment! Those unused wipes are handy to have around the house if someone gets the flu.
  15. This ^^^^^ And I can"t stress this enough.....this^^^^^^^^^
  16. What if all these extra costs equaled another cruise. Which would you rather have? We are stylistically active cruisers vs relaxing cruisers. Be careful you don't find yourself on the hamster wheel of we need to do everything.
  17. We are just off Allure this Jan. We went to JR for free breakfast and were underwhelmed. Didn't try it for lunch, and food preferences are very individual. For breakfast I'd go to the WJ ,Central Park Cafe, solarium bistro, MDR.
  18. Best of luck, the foxrunners will dream and live vicariously through your adventure!
  19. Checked RV Trader. Yours is the black one 2015? Right now we are on the low side of a century until retirement. Many moving parts and not really close to a purchase. Discovery stage and feeling out many options, but we are planners so who can tell. The RV show will point us in the right direction, but if your unit was for sale when I was ready, I'd be interested. Happy Trails!
  20. I'm leaning more in the Rodtek style but DW wants something Vienna sized. I noticed that the MSRP is pretty similar on all these vehicles. I'm surprised that Roadtek which is smaller is as expensive as the other three. I will probably have more questions after the RV show Saturday. Thank you for sharing. Good luck finding a parking place!
  21. We are lowly Golds (reference to Red Rising by Pierce Brown a space dystopia) so I don't think that impacts our pricing. Just one of Royals quirks.
  22. The Renegade Vienna is one nice looking unit. Would you mind telling me the floorplan you picked and other RV's you considered. We are heading to the RV show this weekend. Probably a few years from purchase but starting to......... kick the tires. Sorry?
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