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    Birdman325 got a reaction from Chef Sandra in Embarkation with the Key Question   
    Going on our first RC cruise (Navigator) at the end of Dec. I have purchased the Key and my cruise package material says my embarkation time is between 11 and 11:30. 
    Possibly silly question but does the Key allow me to board “anytime” (even earlier than my stated time of 11-11:30) or do I still have to show up at the terminal in that window but the Key has some form of separate line? 
    thanx in advance. 
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    Birdman325 got a reaction from 4ensic in Sharing / non sharing question   
    Planning my first Navigator cruise and I have a question about the Refreshment Package. 
    I understand that the drinks packages (refreshment, Classic soda etc)  are non sharing. But if I get my daughter the refreshment package which comes with the ability to use the coke freestyle beverage machines, can I or someone else get her a drink from those machines or does she personally need to go to the machine and swipe some kind of ID card to get the drink? (Or does the freestyle machine use a special cup and if so, is that somehow coded to my daughter - the “owner” of the refreshment package so she is the only one who can use the soda machines? 
    Thx in advance. 
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    Birdman325 got a reaction from JennyB in The Key Benefits explained   
    I also booked this for an upcoming (but later) Navigator sailing. Please post your thoughts about it after using it.
    TIA (Thx in advance) 
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