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  1. I have repriced 2. 1 - Dec 2020 repriced just before final payment.....hundreds more. 2 - July 2021 Alaska repriced because even though I lifted/shifted (and it was paid in full) I wanted to apply my prime cert to it......would have saved me.....drum roll...............$200
  2. Considering a few Carnival subs have announced now closed through the end of year.....the Holiday cruise season appear dead. I have final payment for Christmas on the Anthem due in like 20 days now.....so we will be making the big decision of shifting shortly.
  3. They also added a new feature......a listing of itineraries right in the website so you don't have to call and find out the one you want isn't available ?
  4. Well.....Casino wasn't putting out any loyalty offers....but I can tell that yesterday I got my first casino cruise offer in about 6 months.....for sailings Q2 and Q3 2021....and of course neither sailing that I am on is on the list....so back to normal ? ? ?
  5. Stick the roll away in the little hallway behind the stairs to the small second balcony and its almost like you have your own harry potter room ?
  6. Final update here. I have added up all the posted and pending credits now from both the April 16 cancelled cruise and the August cancelled cruise and now it looks like I am over refunded $545.15 which means either I missed something I bought that was really large in cruise planner....or they messed something up. I wonder if they will at some point in the future reverse the credit. ? Either way.....I guess we're all good here finally.
  7. Markets will probably tank on Monday thanks to what happen in Atlanta on Friday night.
  8. I made the post May 14 (the day I manually cancelled all my cruise planner items for a cruise that was still schedule to sail in August) and finally saw SOME (not all) of the over 6k in cruise planner items back to my CC today.....so 30 calendar days. I made this post a month ago because it had taken 60+ days to get refunds of cruise planner items from an April cruise that had been cancelled and they closed us out of cruise planner so we couldn't manually cancel things. I have cancelled cruise planner items many times and received a refund systemically in a matter of single digit days (as recently as late February of this year). Up until this crap I had been willing to give the benefit of the doubt that the COVID 19 impacts overwhelmed them and they just weren't staff/architected for the situation they are in......but I believe now it is obvious that RCCL across all channels has turned off automated refunds and is trickling it out through a heavily control internal process. That is my opinion that I have formed based on this personal investigation/anecdotal evidence. This situation I find to be frustrating enough that I will be evaluating and possibly just cancelling 2 of my 3 planned cruises and not sailing with them anymore. This is something I will have to talk over with the wife. We turn Diamond on what ever boat we manage to get on next and really enjoy cruising, and I understand WHY they are doing this but they need to understand the consequences of their poor customer service choices and the short sighted quarterly outlook only management being employed. I have the same crap with my client....I have contracts in place, send them invoices, and they just don't pay anymore...I have to chase them on EVERY invoice....everything is 30-60 days past due before I squeeze it out of them and all I get with each "you are past due" notice I send is the same cut/paste email from accounts payable "We are closely monitor our accounts payable, we are only doing one payment run a week, all payments need to be approved by leadership"....so technically I continue to work everyday with a client who is knowingly and willfully in breach of contract. So maybe that's shame on me.
  9. Well here we are....30 days after I manually cancelled my cruise planner items for a cruise that was ultimately cancelled....I finally just started seeing some of the refunds come through...still about 2k short.....but I'll take what I can get at this point. Hopefully the rest will show up soon enough.
  10. It would be nice....but the kids will have school so we have to cruise around their schedules. in 2019 when we sailed for the holidays....they were off the week before Christmas so technically hadn't taken a holiday cruise...we got back on the 23rd or 24th...even though it felt like one.
  11. I know it's my own fault for losing track of the fine print....... Just did a lift and shift, after it was done I thought to myself...'Self....while you are on the phone, lets use that prime cert' So give the nice lady reservation number 1 - ohhhh so sorry sir....that's a holiday cruise, can't use it. So give the nice lady reservation number 2 - ohhhh so sorry sir.....that's a 9 night, only good for an 8 night. So give the nice lady reservation number 3 - ohhhh so sorry sir.....that's the cruise you just 'lifted and shifted' and it was already past final payment even though you aren't going for another year and 60 days now, can't use it But the good news is if I really wanted to I could trade it in for $500. It's enough to make we gamble less at this point ? Just a little vent....I'm sure I'll end up booking yet another cruise I will use it on since they extended it into 2022...but jeeze....
  12. 2021 is going to be a weird year.......we've got Oasis July 30 from NYC to Caribbean and now Alaska on the August 15th...guess I'll be taking a laptop and working for at least part of the cruises this year.
  13. Well seemed easy enough....moved from Aug 2 2020 to Aug 15th 2021 easily enough. Two reservations moved in 10 minutes...and they cancelled the 'room hold' reservation I had done a few weeks ago without blinking an eye. We are sailing in a Royal and a Grand...and since there is only 1 royal....I had reserved it thinking it might become hard to get the room category if we were force to do a lift and shift. Still waiting on those cruise planner refunds from two weeks ago though ?
  14. While Royal hasn't said anything....given Canada just announce port will be closed through Oct.....time to go for the lift and shift into 2021 Very sad
  15. I decided to add 600 sq/ft to my garage. And since a tree fell on it damaging one of the eaves I was able to get it done during lock down because it was covered under essential construction because the crew had to come out and repair that damage.....and since they could come out....they knocked out the addition....and loved me for it because otherwise they weren't working.
  16. I agree with you....still stuck playing the waiting game though. Since they haven't cancelled it.
  17. I'm sure I guaranteed us a small Alaska season by proactively cancelling all my cruise planner items...so I can buy them all back at a higher price just before leaving ? In other news....I haven't seen the refund on them yet ? Looks like sailings are now cancelled through July 31st.....so I guess that's another month of waiting before we will know for sure about Alaska on Aug 2
  18. Water is deeper in the man made inlets around Chill Island and better/easier to get out for snorkling. Beach/view at south beach was uninterrupted to the horizon and beautiful....but.....the water remains quite shallow.......perfect for lounging on a float mat
  19. Based on reading several threads on this over the last few days......if they were to do away with buffets one would think the general/average health of those who sail would improve dramatically. Yes....that's a joke grenade....you'll get it.....then someone will get mad at me.
  20. Devil's advocate...........we better up the price, get people excited to get a little extra cash to hold for refunds later ? I'm becoming very sour lately.
  21. So I am both bored and worried. I had a cruise planned on April 16th.......it was canceled in mid March. I was offer what you should all be aware of by now.....125% FCC or cash refund and 125% cruise planner credits or cash refund. I opted to take FCC and cash cruise planner. I received the FCC in a painfully slow process the first week of May and have not received any cash refund from cruise planner or taxes/port fees from cancelled cruise (total amount $3006.88 in refunds stuck somewhere in RL systems) Flash forward....we have August 2 sailing to Alaska that I also have now paid in full for the cruise and all cruise planner items. It is looking more and more like this sailing isn't going to happen. As soon as they canceled sailings in March we were immediately locked out of cruise planner so we could not go in and manually cancel ourselves. I know from experience that previously when I needed to cancel something in Cruise planner I was automatically refunded those fund with 2-5 business day....it was VERY VERY quick and required no manual interaction from RCCL. So.....I decided to go in and cancel everything in cruise planner TODAY for my August sailing. If the world suddenly regains sanity and Aug 2 magically does happen....I will be more than happy to rebuy all my excursions, drinks, and salon services. But.....I would much rather have the $6932 NOW refunded quickly than end up waiting for those funds to be returned 3 months from now if there is a cancel. All of this assume RCCL hasn't turned off the quick automated refunds out of cruise planner. I already received all the cancel confirmation emails for every item. I will keep you all updated if anyone wants to follow a similar approach to try and mitigate the risks associated with these slow refunds.
  22. Your kid isn't sailing with you when you finally get a chance to back on board?
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