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  1. Got my invoice. Said I now owe $235 which didn't seem right if the only things that can go up are fees and taxes. Called RC and now I'm getting refunded $140. God me give strength lol. I just want to get on this cruise and never do this again.
  2. We had our July 2021 cruise canceled on us. Paid in full for $4700. Called Royal last week to L&S to same cruise in July 2022. Never received itemized invoice but I checked online and shows I have a balance of almost $1000. Which oddly enough is how much extra the new cruise costs. I understand the fees and taxes go up but by that much? Are they refunding me the old cruises fees and taxes of $722 total and expect me to make the $1000 payment? The wait time is over an hour to call. So any info beforehand is appreciated. Did Royal screw this up?
  3. I'm on that cruise too. Bermuda disappeared too.
  4. Yes. We have 9 night cruise for 7/1 to 7/10. On main page it now shows 7/1 to 7/7 and Bermuda is gone. Only Nassau and Perfect Day remain. But when I got to plan my cruise, it's the original dates/itinerary.
  5. We are not going on our July 1 trip even in the small likelihood it sails. As parents, we are vaccinated. But my children are not yet due to age. Even if they could go, I'd feel uncomfortable what people might do or say knowing they are the apart of the unvaccinated 5% If some one gets sick and the cruise ends, they'll probably blame kids. These are very tense times for those on both sides of the vaccine spectrum. Then on top of that, I feel bad going to foreign islands with thousands of other American tourists possibly spreading illnesses.
  6. Doubtful. I booked a Cancun vacation in July that coincides with our sail date a day before the restart announcement. At first I was like, it figures, but now feel the cruise will be canceled again. Not sure how I would feel being the first back in a boat with so much uncertainty.
  7. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/cruises/2021/04/28/cdc-cruises-could-restart-july/4883450001/?csp=chromepush
  8. I get not allowing kids on cruises. I would hope RC just refunds us if that happens instead of continuing with the endless FCC madness. We'll never be able to sail as our kids are very young and the vaccine won't be available to them anytime soon. So what can I do with FCC that I can't use on them? While I would love to, going on a cruise without them is not an option.
  9. Between the multiple cruises canceled, iffy FCC amounts, numerous invoices that never match, I am not sure what is correct anymore. I am at the mercy of RC and whoever answers my call to figure it out. I went to make final payment and was first told it was paid in full. Then put on hold and told I owe $250, but my last invoice says I owe $90. None of my itemizations match from invoice to invoice. I'm normally good with tracking spending and payments on my life but I'm so turned around with this whole experience. And when they cancel this cruise soon, they couldn't tell me what FCC or cash refunds I would get back. Anyone else in the same boat?
  10. I assume our 9 night July 2021 cruise will be canceled. I looked around but still not sure. This all has become so confusing. What are our options? RC never emails to let us know they canceled one or how much FCC we have unless I call. We had a March 2021 cruise paid with cash and FCC. Called in December to move to July. Guess no shot of cash refund?
  11. I hope they cancel my 9 night March 2021 cruise by Dec 26th. No way it will sail and I'm not making final payment. Rather get my NRD instead of worthless FCC.
  12. I had to complain on their Facebook page too get them to apply the massive amount of credit they gave our kids to the adult fares. We all got equal amounts of credit which never made sense.
  13. Same situation. I booked on the Explorer for next spring based on their misleading advertisement. It made someone believe that the amplification already occurred. So I booked it and now it's not being amplified. They wouldn't refund my nfd or let me move the money to another cruise.
  14. I canceled on March 11th. After numerous calls, they said I would get it on April 13th. I called four days later and they said it processed and I was emailed in the 13th. But I never got the email (I check all the time) and nothing on the spam folder. So they told me over the phone what the credit amounts are, want able to get that on email form tho. If I were you, I'd call. Otherwise, I'd still be waiting for an email that was never coming.
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