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  1. When did you find this pricing? We are going on Allure in December and I'm looking for the best deal. Do you find the closer to sailer the pricing goes up or down?
  2. My wife nd I are the same. We can get chain food at home. When out and about, you should broaden your horizons and eat new exciting food!
  3. Sweet John, thanks. My wife and I will check it out.
  4. Well, then I shall be the first. And I will report back.....
  5. Foodies! We're going on the Southern Caribbean sailing on Dec 10.Where are some good spots to get some local food in Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St Lucia and Antigua?? Looking for the good stuff, something other than cruise ship food or a hamburger. Show me what you've got.....
  6. is there any difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials??
  7. Serenade - 12/09/18 The deluxe is 42/night and the refreshment is 15/night. Hoping for a drop on Friday.......
  8. I'm on Serenade in Dec. I don't see any entertainment booking options in my Cruise Planner. Is it only on certain ships?
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