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  1. We were on the Harmony last month and encountered a similar situation with my 11 year old. She will be 12 in Sept. Her brother and sister and cousin were all older and she wanted to be able to join in the fun with them. It was as simple as signing a waiver and, in doing so, she forfeited her rights to the younger kid (7-11 pr whatever it was) activities. So, the short answer is, yes, should not be a problem for her to participate in the teen activities if that is what you choose.
  2. Awesome. Thank you. Will be on the Harmony of the Seas.
  3. Another new Cruiser question. If I purchase the VOOM SURF + STREAM VOYAGE PACKAGE - 4 DEVICES package at $26.99 per day, would that give me access to four devices at ($26.99 *7) $188.93 for all 4 devices? If this is the case, I'd only have to select once passenger when buying online and I'd get four codes to give to other family members? Or, would it be the $26.99 * 4 per day, which is more like $755.72. I'm assuming it's the former, but would like to confirm. Also, any preference on the Surf + Stream vs. the Surf only option? Thanks.
  4. OK, so it relates to On Board pricing. I knew I must be missing something. Thanks so much for the response.
  5. The Buy One, Get One 50% off seems to be a bit misleading. If the listed price is $52 per day (plus fees/gratuities), why is the second one not $26 per day (plus fees/gratuities). When the option is selected, it simply gives each package the same $52 per day rate. Anyone have any knowledge on how this works? Is it just me, or is the "promotion" truly misleading? Thanks for any responses.
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