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  1. We sailed on the Oasis on September. The first day there were some crowds. We didn't seem to have an issue with crowds the rest of the week. The Windjammer wasn't bad. We waited in line for about 5 minutes one day. Other than that it was good!
  2. I just booked a cruise for February 2019. While talking to my agent he told me to hold off on the deluxe drink package until black Friday. He said they will most likely run a 30% off that weekend.
  3. I was on Oasis last week. I ordered doubles all week. It didn't cost any extra except a little tip every now and then to the bartender!
  4. I was talking to a friend of mine and was telling him we booked another cruise while on the ship. Our cruise will be in December 2019. He said since we booked it so far out we will probably get an upgraded room. Does Royal Caribbean do that or is that a thing of the past?
  5. My flight was Saturday going from Pittsburgh to LaGuardia to Orlando. I called Delta and the changed my flight. I fly in on Thursday, but i'm sure if you call the airline and explain the situation they will help you reroute your flight to stay away from Baltimore. I'm pretty sure driving from Baltimore isn't going to be an option with Florence in the way!
  6. I got a 2 device package for $15.99! I was pretty happy!
  7. Delta changed my flight to Thursday. They were really great and helpful. Leaving Pittsburgh Thursday afternoon! Extended vacation! Can't wait!
  8. I guess my main concern is getting to the ship as well! I called Delta and they said they would let everyone know by the 12th If our flight would be affected. If that's the case they said we would be able to move our flight, with no cost, from Saturday to Friday. My main concern is LaGuardia to Orlando. I know there are a lot of flights from Pittsburgh to Atlanta and connecting to Orlando on Friday. So that could be a possible option depending on the pattern Florence decides to take. Crabbycruiser We'll have to pray we can get flights out. 12 Days would be a great bonus! I hope it doesn't go t
  9. unfortunately we are flying delta from Pittsburgh to LaGuardia then to Orlando. I will most likely have to change that flight! I am really concerned about Tropical Depression 9 because it says its projected to go west right through the Caribbean. Hopefully we will be in the clear to go somewhere! Thanks for the help!
  10. Anyone sailing on the Oasis of the Seas September 16th? This is our first cruise and we are wondering how we will know what happens with the hurricane and tropical storms going on. Do they usually cruise regardless the weather condition? I'm kinda concerned about TD9 and just getting to Florida at this point!
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