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  1. Thats the other thing I was looking at. Villa sleeps 14 @ 1302 square feet with an 845 square foot balcony.
  2. I saw so many people on Liberty last week buying drink packages on board....Told everyone to check out this blog before their next cruise for a wealth of knowledge and to save them some money! We bought ours for 46 per day and more than broke even. Lava Flows with Kraken are so so good lol.
  3. The only problem we are running into is that 5 of them will be under 21 and booking multiple rooms is coming close to booking the suite price wise. In fact 2 balconies was more expensive than the Panoramic. Thats the only reason the suite even came up. And if we wanted to add the key that adds even more. The Villa has 4 bedrooms and we get all the added perks. If we wanted to do multiple rooms they all have to connect or be across the hall because they are under 21 right?
  4. So my wife and I booked a Panoramic Suite on Liberty for April 2021. We want to take our kids and a couple other family members, 8 in total. I guess right now our options are 6 of us in the Panoramic Suite and book another room for the other 2, Book a Grand Suite 2 bedroom for all 8, Book the Villa Suite for 600 more for all 8, or 2 Balcony rooms. Is it worth the extra money for the suite?
  5. We have a FCC coming and booked with next cruise for April 2021 and was told we could use the FCC for that cruise....I wonder if I need to call and check that out. We haven't got the email about the FCC yet.
  6. Exactly this. Eating in Chops is so much better than eating chops in the MDR. The atmosphere and level of service along with the quality of the food will have me buying a dining package in the future. Food was great! Had the steak burger and Mac and Cheese. Was a great lunch!
  7. I believe on day 6 (sea day) on our last cruise the Cruise Director made an announcement they had 10 openings for a discounted massage with some free treatments between 5pm and 7pm. Just happened to be standing next to the phone and got my wife in on it. They also gave us a 50 dollar coupon but she couldnt use it with any other offer....Seemed like the last 2 days they had better specials going.
  8. My wife loves photography and is always taking pictures. We had several pictures taken and she checked them daily. We ended up not purchasing any because we had taken so many with our camera and video with our GoPro that the 250 dollar price tag was just too much. And by day 4 having a photographer asking me to get up from eating dinner for a picture was getting old so we started waving off a lot of pictures.
  9. You're welcome, I had to go back and edit as we did in fact eat in the MDR on Deck 5 for embarkation lunch.
  10. We ate on Deck 5 in the MDR. We only saw maybe 30-40 people eating lunch with us and on disembarkation during breakfast about the same. I have no idea how many bought the package but it wasn't crowded at all.
  11. I just got off Liberty and we had the Chops menu in the MDR on Deck 5. It was a great lunch however we never ate lunch at chops during the cruise, just dinner. The dinner at Chops was the best food we had on the entire cruise. I was happy with our lunch but I was definitely bummed about not having it at Chops. Biggest difference for me was just the atmosphere and level of service if that makes sense.
  12. i just got off of Liberty with the Key and it was fantastic! I noticed that there were not alot of people at the Chops Lunch and never an issue with reserved seating at shows or private hours for activities. I figure either people dont know about the Key or won't pay for it. Either way unless I am in a suite or climb the loyalty ladder high enough I will continue to purchase the Key if available and not ridiculously expensive. Well worth the money for us!
  13. Its weird, we are on port side and can feel it consistantly but we ate at Giovanni's last night and didnt feel anything. I wonder if its just a port side issue. Sitting in the very back center in Windjammer you can feel some vibration as well, but nothing in Giovanni's. Like I said it doesnt bother me but I guess everyone is different.
  14. We are on Liberty right now on our first cruise. What an absolute blast! We are in the aft of the ship and our room is non stop vibrating...no big deal for me just not sure how the wife feels about it yet. OH! Lava flow with Kraken is amazing!
  15. We are 4 days away from our first cruise!!! Gotta make it through 3 more nights of work...
  16. So if you eat at Johnny Rockets and have the drink package the Milkshake is covered by the package?
  17. We bought the Key for our Cruise on Liberty this month. I hate lines and waiting on people so to me its worth every penny if it saves me some time not having to stand in line. Embarkation, reserved seats, special times for activities like flowrider or rock wall, priority at ports of call, not having to check towels, disembarkation, internet package included....Its worth it for us!
  18. Im bringing my GoPro Hero7 Black, shoots 4k video, takes pictures, waterproof......Does everything I need it to do.
  19. Our Liberty sailing has been on sale for 46 per day for end of August. How weird.
  20. Has anyone been on this excursion? We booked it but have read a lot of reviews about stopping at a few tourist traps along the way and they dont even release the turtles until evening time. Excursion is from 9:30 to 1:30 so Im wondering if its more tourist traps then actually working with sea turtles..... Any advise?
  21. I have heard 100 to 200 people depending on the sailing but nothing concrete.
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