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  1. Good on NCL for not dragging their customers along when their sailings were less than 30 days out.
  2. You are correct, the boomers were known as the "Me" generation. We have, and continue to see this play out constantly in everyday life.
  3. A fifth of the team contracted it, don't say idiocy won out because you hate liberal areas. They're are no hard protocols for what happens if someone contracts the virus yet on a ship.
  4. Hey Alexa, how many unpaid football players tested positive at Wake Forest (leading to a cancelled game, ACC school) this past weekend?
  5. It's not even remotely a bubble. The only way it would be a bubble is if everyone on that ship were locked down for 14 days together in the same places, and then boarded with no outside interaction. That 5 day prior test doesn't do a damn thing when you pick up the virus at miami international, and then show symptoms on days 5/6
  6. One employees an entire state, the other is a leisure activity. Go scroll back in reddit/las vegas, the citizens were pissed when they reopened, and the workers did feel safe.
  7. Casino Royale is not offering nearly as much flexibility, i have tried 3 different times, working with 3 different people, and all they can do is give a future credit, which does nothing at those rates, when you consider how high future sailings are priced at.
  8. With all due respect, how much closer can you get? First cruise leaves in 33 days, so most have to leave in 32, which means testing is about 27 days out, and that's if you can get into a testing facility on the time and date you desire, and your results aren't delayed, or show a false positive, requiring a new test. How is this fire drill feasible?
  9. I have a casino rate, the FCC wouldn't get me far with the high rates they have in the future. They won't let me lift and shift, so I definitely would like to know where they stand, so I can free up $$$ that I have invested in flights, hotels, drink/dining packages, and excursions.
  10. This is a fantastic point, RCL cannot continue to leave us with these unanswered questions, with sailings due to start in 30 days
  11. My thoughts are that they treated this like a college student who wrote their term paper the night before. More questions than answers, and literally just made bullet points of obvious protocols, like masks and social distancing. They put on a dog and pony show, and RCL fanboys lapped it up. How about you let us know about November? My sailing is about 40 days away, and I have no clue if it's going out or not. Do I need to be looking at getting tested a week before? If so, I need to take an additional day of of work to do so. When is the cutoff point for them canceling? Is it while I'm at the airport? Shame on them for dragging people along like this. If you don't have answers 30 days prior, then you do right by your customers and cancel.
  12. Just gonna leave this here. Crew on first post-lockdown Greek cruise contract coronavirus
  13. Yeah, the glove thing is going to be nearly impossible. There is a major glove shortage right now, and distributors can't get their hands on any. Our restaurant is suffering because of it, my friends bio lab is feeling the effects, RCL is crazy if they think they'll get them ahead of hospitals, too
  14. Then maybe they should improve the health services on boats that carry small cities. Imagine if we had to rely on them to identify something like a virus? Wait...
  15. If I was traveling on the most well known cruise line, I would expect competent doctors, not butchers. RCL loves to flaunt it's world class facility and staff, why does medical fall outside of those parameters?
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