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  1. True. But I don't think you can really make an apples to apples comparison between COVID-19 and the Seasonal Flu. Overall COVID-19 has about a 10 times higher death rate as a percentage of infected people. Much higher if you are older aged and/or have pre-existing health conditions. I would really be surprised to see anyone in, let's say their 70's on up (or even 60's), or people with pre-existing health conditions, in any situation where they are in a relatively enclosed environment with hundreds or thousands of people for extended periods of time (many hours or days.) Prior to receiving
  2. So I guess the bottom line is the answer to my original question is it's too early to tell with any degree of confidence if these precautions the cruise lines are guaranteeing they are taking will be effective at preventing an outbreak or at least containing it to the point all passengers on a ship don't have to be quarantined if only a few passengers are infected?
  3. BINGO! So she may have meant they are guaranteeing they are taking all the safety precautions as required by the government to be able to cruise again.
  4. Oh sorry about that. I think in some cases politics has a resulting affect on the subject matter of the cruise-related topic being discussed such as how it possibly affects curisers' determination of timing of their cruise vacation based on information they are receiving about vaccine availablity. Statement from policitians' therefore are relevant as far as people's expectations on timing of the vaccine. But I suppose there is a risk that some people can then go off track and want to debate politics. I'll refrain from any further comments on the political aspects. I've removed my remarks
  5. I sort of figured that but wasn't sure. Like you said, it's basically right now a wait and see. I would guess the accountants and risk experts have determined that there will be enough "early adopters" to help the cruise lines stop or slow their losses to the point it's worth the risk of another outbreak in the news. The Pac-12 Football league just announced they reversed their decision on canceling the season due to more availability of rapid testing. Maybe this will translate to other industries like the cruise industry but I don't know how feasible it would be to test every single
  6. I'm thinking of taking a cruise this Winter (in North America) but not having pre-existing conditions or being older (I'm 51) I'm probably not going to be able to get vaccinated until next Spring (along with probably a lot of other people.) I see some cruise lines are starting back up in November. I read this excellent article here by Claudia Ceci ( https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5572/ ) that detailed some of the great lengths the ships are going to to make them safe. That's great! The thing I'm concerned about is that as we've learned more about the virus, we now know it spreads th
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