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  1. I Live Super Close To There And When I Went On Oasis In October. The Ship. Big Surprise. Was Mostly Older People. To Prove My Point More. As You All Know I Go On The Flowrider A Lot And On Oasis Class The Boogie Boards Most Of The Time Have A Inflatable Divider Down The Middle To Lessen The Wait For The Flowrider. Well Only A Few Hours Of Day Two They Had The Divider Up And I Never Saw It Again On The Sailing. So That Is My Way Of Telling If The Ship Is Filled With Less Yong People. And When We Got Off Oasis In October A Ton Of The Buses Are From The Village's. I Hope They Move The 10-11 Night Ship Hear To PC. They Would Make More Money If They Had It In PC.
  2. Thanks For The Photo Sabrina. Thanks For The Great Live Blog. I Cant Wait For My Turn On That Flowrider. Only Seven More Moths?
  3. Hope This Helps.Here A Some Great Blog About Star Class And The Genie Program
  4. Yeah Just Get Destroy The Bridge And Put A Tunnel In It Place. If They Can Do It In The Chesapeake Bay They Can Do It Here..... Oh Wait It Florida The Water Table Is Really Low Here.
  5. To My Knowledge They Will Still Be Stopping There. It Is Very Safe And Secure At Labbdee.
  6. Hey Everyone I Built A Cruise Ship And It Has All The Bells And Whistles Look... One Of The Features This Ship Has Is Central Park. Look And Two70 And The Casino
  7. Yep I Thought That Would Happen. Was On CC Today And Saw Some Photo From The Dry Dock And They Where Not Even Close To Finishing The Pool Deck. I Doubt They Will Do This But I Hope They Don't Have To Cancel The Nine Night Sailing.
  8. Thanks Here My Best (Flowrider One) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFpJ_quOa8c I Used Lots Of It.
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