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  1. Thanks for the insight everyone! The little bit of savings on Mariner would likely be used for transportation to and from the airport. Hopefully will be sailing Navigator Oct2020!
  2. After reading so many amazing blogs on both ships I am trying to convince my husband to celebrate our 20th with a cruise. We started cruising in 2016 on Brilliance, found ourselves booked with the kids on Independence in 2017 and celebrated a friends 50th on Harmony in 2018! I guess we are hooked! This blog is amazing and I love all the kind thoughtful comments which is why I am asking for help choosing which ship for 2020. Ports are the same, both offer 3 and 4 day cruises, we have never been to Miami or Port Canaveral. We are coming from Chicago so we really do not care what the ports are as long as it is warm! We have always had balcony cabins but told my husband I would get an interior if it means we can do a back to back! We are not into waterslides but enjoy nightlife, I am 45 and my husband is 60. I love the new drink menus I have seen and will for sure have the drink package. I was sold on trying Mariner after reading those live blogs but twangsters current Navigator has me rethinking that. We are not specialty dining folks, we are just fine with the MDR. Any reason we should consider one over the other? Thank you!
  3. We had lunch on Harmony last week, final sea day. We walked up at noon when they opened and almost had the place to ourselves. Loved the mushroom soup and the steak burgers. Sides, we had the asparagus, mac and cheese and scalloped potatoes. Could have done without the scalloped potatoes, they were just ok in our opinion but the fries served with the burger were fantastic! We paid $22 per person for lunch.
  4. Two couples used the same TA and the other booked directly with RC.
  5. Hello! I am trying to make MTD reservations for our February 2018 cruise, linking 6 total guests from 3 different reservations. I know I was able to do this on our last cruise linking 5 different reservations without a problem. This time however I cannot add guests from other reservations, even though my TA said he linked all of them. I am able to make them for my husband and myself but when I try to add guests from other reservations I receive this message: "Unfortunately, these reservations may not be combined to create a single reservation. Please proceed to make separate reservations for each party." Does anyone have a guess on why I am getting this? Everyone has MTD, I did double check that also. Thank you!
  6. We just got back from our trip and reserved 2 of these Beach Bungalows. Amazing!! We paid $250 for each, split between 13 people was more than reasonable. Attendants were very friendly and offered great service. We attempted to take the tram around to Columbus Cove but the driver said since we reserved a Bungalow we were able to get golf cart service, zipped over there in no time! Bathrooms were close as was the lunch buffet. We all thought the food was very good, it was not gourmet but we all found something to eat and left satisfied. Would highly recommend these and would for sure get one next time.
  7. Thank you for your responses! I saw the Cabanas clearly stated the pricing is per Cabana and for one person in the party to reserve. The Bungalows did not have that verbiage in the details. I did go through the process of reserving the Bungalow and with the 5 of us in one the cart total was $1,250! I quickly cancelled that order! I will be calling RC to see if there is a glitch in the system and to clarify if it is per person or per Bungalow.
  8. Hello! I am wondering if anyone can shed some light on why the Beach Bungalows are priced per person ($250 per person for our cruise, $1,250 for the 5 of us) and the Beach Cabanas are a flat price per cabana for up to 6 people. I do not see that there is a big difference in amenities between the Bungalows and Cabanas other that the Bungalows can accommodate 8 people. Also wondering how strict they are with allowing 6 people only per Cabana, we are a group of 13 (8 adults and 5 kids under age 11) and planned on getting two Bungalows until we got to checkout! Not sure if they will allow one extra person in two Cabanas. Thank you! We have never been to Labadee so not sure what to expect!
  9. I wanted to share my experience with getting new passports. We did need an appointment at my local post office to apply, Saturday appts took about 5 weeks to get so hopefully this is not the norm for other towns. We needed a Saturday as my sons are minors and both my husband and I had to be there for the kids to be processed. The time frame to actually get the passports (5) total took only about 2 weeks. This was not expedited, we applied on 2/13 and received them on 3/2 and this included the Presidents Day holiday. I originally was going to expedite my husbands and mine as we have a cruise booked 4/9 and I was worried but the gentleman at the post office processing our applications said we should be fine and suggested we had better ways to spend $160 in Mexico! Glad we listened to him! We received (1) of the birth certificates back today and hopefully the rest early next week.
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