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  1. I do understand that, I promise. I am starting to wonder if my post made me look like a complete buffoon or if didn’t explain it fully or something I think it was reasonable for me to feel bad about paying TWICE the price, honestly. I get the perspective part, I spend all day helping others see it, but as I said often above I get it. Beginning to feel a bit like a child told repeatedly that I should be more grateful. I do appreciate the input, but I had tried to be clear that all was good to cut this off. I get it, I swear, ... really, I promise. Not sure I needed spanking. Believe me, I h
  2. That is one reason I am fighting leaving private practice for academia, it will seriously cut into to ability to a schedule freely (but with both of my parents being in academia my entire life, I fully understand). I am still trying to get past to full payment for children under 5
  3. LOL I cruises on the earlier Disney cruise ship. The mouse does like his cash flow
  4. @WAAAYTOOO and @Lovetocruise2002. Disappointing to discover that fact. RCL isn’t great about being clear on these issues and there is tons of old and wrong info about that is makes it twice as confusing. Frustrating to have two sailings (Adventure and Grandeur) with this downside of pay for Voom (and it’s definitely a downside, for us it reduces the value of a suite by a good slice!). But I also understand the value and unique benefits of smaller ship (one of my favorite ships of all time is the NCL Jewel, although admittedly in the Haven). But I will make the best of it - I didn’t surviv
  5. I understood that prices differ, honestly The issue for me was not that prices differ, I have lived a long time and sincerely get that, but the issue was it twice as much! There’s not a little bit, that is a heckuva lot . I often hesitate to post anywhere online because I know that they’ll be people who misunderstand, even people that will be mean (not at all saying you are mean, but there are too many people who seem to get their needs met by delivering their version of ‘truth” and “the facts” online as we all know too well0. But this morning I just needed to reach out and express that f
  6. Thanks! I really do appreciate people trying to help me feel better. I think that it was worse becsuse (a) ours was exactly 2x the cost and (b) I had just realized last night, after recently booking a second RCL cruise for next year, that only a handful of RCL ships offer Voom free to suite guests (when that is part of my calculation on “fair price”). Double whammy after insomnia! And before anyone decides to suggest that I am an idiot, truthfully it is often quite unclear which benefits are offered on suites on a given ship (otherwise blogs like this wouldn’t exist - there are constant qu
  7. I just mean a better one than it ended up being. All is relative ”inner suite snob”
  8. That was part of the issue - it would have helped a lot if I had just not known ( and I don’t believe that the poster meant to cause a create a problem). But hopefully most people can understand it was less about money and more about feeling guilty. At least that was part of what I needed, just for somebody to understand and maybe make me feel better. I have no doubt your intent was to help I had crossed my fingers when I posted that I wouldn’t get any of those post that basically said “you’re stupid for feeling this way” and I am thankful there was little of that and way more h
  9. I’m sorry that you can’t understand how I might feel. Thank you for your input.
  10. @Lovetocruise2002 @Susie @JLMoran @KJ1231 do really appreciate all of you trying to walk me back from the ledge or genade cabinet (just kidding on the second, I don’t really have one ). I felt so guilty that I had made such a rotten decision, it’s a truly miserable feeling I did understand it was a holiday, but you also have to remember that I thought it was still a super good buy for a holiday, and now I realize it was not. The points are all valid, and I really didn’t think this morning about those two weeks at the first of December always being really low - but it was sti
  11. I am feeling so miserable! Weeks ago we booked a panoramic suite (the large 2 bedroom) on the RCL adventure of the seas for Thanksgiving week 2019. It was about $2000 each and after it was made to a full suite category. But today I learned that someone booked in July and it was half that. Honestly, for me wasting money is one of those things that really gets to me and this feels really bad. I had no way of knowing of course, but it feels way past price fluctuations and right into being seriously ripped off. It definitely effects how I feel about RCL. Maybe id I had not have known, but the
  12. I’m sure this may have been asked, if so I apolgize, but I could not locate the answer. Since we are newer to sailing RCL, I don’t want to guess at what is correct. My understanding was the all full suites were now “sky” or “Royal” class and that was regardless of type. But I see a few blogs/articles referring to these as if it is only for the Oasis class and so I need to clarify (since I will be past unhappy if I have put that much money into cabins without reasonable perks ). I realize there is no separate restaurant on the Grandeur and Adnveture for suites guest and that’s fine. But
  13. Which is why I have been asking people what fits the allowed list - I have all of 1-2 drinks day max, I figure that I have already paid for them in a suite so I am not about to buy any (when I care so little about drinking anyway and would pass it if it cost me much LOL). Someone I knew said “well you are spending x on a suite, you won’t pay for a drink?” I said that is how I pay for a suite, I don’t toss my money overboard or pay for something when I can get essentially the same thing free I love RCL, but the included drinks for many cabins on NCL I miss when I sail RCL. On your Caban
  14. Lots of companies seem to play the Black Friday and Cyber Monday game knowing we usually won’t realize we are being had some, or most, of the time. Like today, I happened to surf over to the Macy’s site and saw that I dress that I got for a great price of $75 for Veteran’s Day was at the astoundingly low price of my $110 today for Cyber Monday Reminds me of when department stores make a big deal of a sale being the “lowest prices of the season” - really, hmmm... a week into Spring, no doubt Lynn
  15. Good point! But let’s hope that no one sees me doing all this nose wiggling and headed bobbing with my closed eyes (particularly if I have on a chiffon crop top and a pointy hat) since I am quite sure that I wiil never get released if I am ever locked in (it also would not be good for my career status Lynn
  16. I am trying, now sit still... I am trying to remember all those Bewitched moves I saw as a child on Tv
  17. I was aiming for slightly under that , but (a) my Scorpio Mother was on top of everything so I find it a nice trait and (b) if you knew what I do for a living you would truly fall over in fits of laughter I cannot find the time to obsess, but maybe I could managed to make you into an app?! Lynn
  18. Sure thing, glad to share (as the saying goes, there is no point in reinventing the wheel or cruise list ) I will send you a message - Lynn
  19. What @melski94 said - I ran the cruise booked yesterday through since they now have the “Cyber Monday” splash up and it is the same price. I am somehow going to try to be more vigilant in checking (trying now to see if I can bookmark and that be useful, although I assume most is on the fly...). I will never get to the level of @Lovetocruise2002 , but I can improve Lynn
  20. @Kj1231. Hi! The list and recommenations are in the mail. The added the info on packing and formal night options with the list since those are the ones most people ask me about. Have a great cruise! Edit - I redid the list and sent you the updated version this evening. Hope that you received both! Lynn ✌
  21. I just knew that you would know and also that you would be willing to share as always Thanks so much! Lynn
  22. I tried to check the price for the Nov 23, 2019 on Adventure, but in the middle of doing that the cabin disappeared! Of course it did that on a few cabins, even at a heavy load looks like they could keep the coding from blowing things up entirely. So, are there any options reducing prices when the cabin booked is one that has a small number available (or even 1 of only 2 on a ship, like the panoramic suite we have for this sailing)?? I am concerned that the answer is that I am out of luck But I know if there is a chance, you veteran price checkers know what and how!!! Lynn
  23. There are people here with tons of information on RCL and I know they will be happy to help you with your question (we usually cruises another/other lines and recently tried RCL and of the 3 cruises now booked 2 are RCL). And like you we were constrained for what felt like forever with responsibilities larger than our need to vacation frequently. But I have developed a pretty good packing and must take list for cruising to the Caribbean and to Alaska. Just let me know if you would like me to send the packing list to you (and the method I use to not over pack for cruises) Enjoy!
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