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  1. I saw on Facebook that the godmother for freedom of the seas was refusing m drafting a letter to NBC criticizing their decision to interview the parents. She went over summer of they facts and then emphasized that many people who could refute the claims were unable to speak out due to the impending litigation. I thought it was well written. Jane
  2. The bartender at schooner bar on majesty did this as well when the dining room carried the Oberon I liked, and schooner didn't have it. Then I was able to stop in on the way to dinner and grab an extra glass. It was cheaper to get it by the glass and pay the extra $2 and gratituity than it was to buy the whole bottle and I appreciated him telling me this and pouring pretty nice servings!!! Jane
  3. My husband has read them all...I got bogged down after 2 or 3... But I remember being prety confused at the movie... Not sure if I read the books before or after! Jane
  4. I should have gotten it on the first day of my last cruise then, since I passed the threshhold in March. Oh well! I will email them!! Or bug them on The ship. I know this has been answered before but is the LA found best the service desk? Also, the pins aren't ship tied, like the blocks, right? It doesn't matter when you get them, right? Jane
  5. Ok...I know it's silly but I want my Platinum pin so I can scrapbook it (I will never actually wear it). I got to 34 points on our allure cruise in March. In June I sailed on majesty... Should my pin have been put in my room? Or is it mailed? Or do you have to hunt it down? I'm now at 38.... Anyway, just curious if they figure it out in their own. My husband is now also Platinum but only because of me. Does he get a pin too? And my 16 year old just hit 31 on majesty so she should get one on her own merits right? Seriously, it's not a big deal.... Frankly I'm more excited to ask for robes on the next cruise lol! Jane
  6. Yum on izumi!!! I can't wait to go...... Jane
  7. Just saw the replay on pericope! Glad your flight got in eventually... Hope the drink lady wasn't getting something important! Keep the pics and posts coming!!! I still have 3 days before I get to go...I'm distracting myself with your blog! Jane
  8. Hey..go big or go home... Well, wait for the boat to dock! I love lobster but I can eat it at a good restaurant at home. It is ok on the ships, but I've never gotten it where it's so good I'd want 12. Jane
  9. I think this is a musical that people really love or hate. If you mess too much with it, the lovers will hate it and you won't really draw the haters in. Just won't work... Kind of like when they made the original Dune movie (and passed out vocabulary sheets lol). Can't believe they are going to try and re-make that one! Jane
  10. It really depends on the crowds and the ship. You may not know until the cruise. The teens also are usually divided 12-14, 15-17) but sometimes these are combined depending on numbers. I would go to the teen area after you board the ship and try to talk to someone. They may let her go, it they may not but like @KathyC said, many things happen outside the center. What my daughter (who is now 16) does is that everyone goes the first night to the teen center, meets the kids and they make friends groups that tend to use the teen center more as a meet up point. Some kids really do enjoy the activities, but many simply meet, hang out and wander the ship. Anyway, sorry it's not more specific. Like everything RC, things tend to vary by ship and staff!!! Jane
  11. Sometimes I use the zip plastic tie things... Cant remember what they are called. It won't really keep anyone out but you can see if someone was in your luggage and might slow the casual thief down. Jane
  12. Ok, so I'm pretty addicted to Disney emoji blitz. If I could get rewards for playing time, I'd be golden. I was scrolling and saw the myvegas thing again. I realize there is no free meal ticket, but is this worth starting and can anyone give me a little tutorial? I have no interest in actually spending real money and would likely not earn a free cruise ever, but any onboard credit would rock! So is it worth even starting? It looks like there are different apps? Can you link them all? So confused lol! Thanks! Jane
  13. Thank goodness for are flying in early! Looking forward to pics and scopes of this ship. My guess is I won't get on it so it will be fun to view it through your eyes!! Jane
  14. Congrats on diamond! Sounds like a great trip!!! Jane
  15. I actually really have liked this musical when I've seen it performed (in the theater... Haven't seen it on royal), but the movie stuff just looks creepy! Jane
  16. I totally agree... The weather was awful and Nassau wasn't Cuba but the service was absolutely amazing and the mdr/windjammer were the best I've had in a while! Jane
  17. There are palapas right on the beach with lounge service and a nice pool area with a swim up bar and deck chairs (I don't remember shade available on the pool deck but I could be wrong). The service was amazing and everything felt clean to me. It was very easy to grab a taxi there with little wait and when you are ready to leave you tell your server and they hail the taxi for you. Easy peasy. I haven't been to Maya Chan but it is also supposed to be amazing in terms of service and experience. Keep in mind that the seaweed can be very bad and smelly in Costa Maya and they might offer to refund you. They now have what looks like a very nice pool area. In terms of 2 all-inclusives in a row, I personally would not pay for both with the drink pkg on the ship. It's a lot of money you might not get value for. However, in Cozumel you are totally paying for the fewer people because I think the public areas will get very crowded and stressful (for me). I would either go for it and figure the money is a "entertainment fee" for keeping people away or I would stay on the ship and enjoy the less crowded pool deck! Jane
  18. Omg.... Love the sea lions!! Glad you made it!!! Jane
  19. The price never got below 48 for my 12 day... And 57 for beverage and voom. And that was in the year it was offered and including black Friday. So apparently people are wanting to drink on this 12 day because I agree it's all about supply and demand. The 1200 about killed us on this trip but I guarantee we wish break at least even with water and coffee and if not, at least I know we are in debt now, not later! Jane
  20. What are the ports...for me it would be Europe every time but you are from there so the novelty isn’t there but maybe easier to travel? Jane
  21. @Adam23 thanks for the post! Looks incredible. I’ve got to start working on Jeff for summer 2021...though we have friends that will want to land vacay Alaska! Can’t wait to see more! Jane
  22. I second this....with the limit on people it is so much less crowded. 7 ships is a ton of people and the late arrival won’t help. We really liked the service and lack of crowds and it’s a very easy taxi there and back. I would say to book as soon as you can..it will sell out. Jane
  23. You can...I want to say the amuse Bouche at the beginning was shrimp but I would think go talk to the dining room before hand. You can totally do the table with this allergy. Entrees were fish or red meat. Jane
  24. We took a 4 day weekend to go one year in the first week in December. That was nice...no crowds but the Christmas stuff was up. As long as it’s not TOO cold I can do November lol! Jane
  25. The captains call was pretty yummy...I ended up getting it several times! Jane
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