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  1. For the 2 cruises I have done (that I paid for at least) were purchased around the 90-day mark. It can be cheaper but is risky in the fact that not much is left and could just as easily get higher. For my MSC cruise, there was a sale that was way too good to pass up so I booked it over a year in advance. I also don't book directly and use another site. I actually combine 2 sites (travelocity and ebates) who sometimes have sales to give you 14% back in a rebate (this comes 6 weeks after your trip.) When I get everything from my last cruise I'm putting it towards our next cruise deposit. It all
  2. Southwest's low prices are not so much sale prices as they are just good low prices. Coming from the Cayman Islands we have to fly to FLL with Southwest as that is the only hub they go to. Sale or not the price is always the same (cheaper than anyone else that comes here.) Not saying the prices aren't good by any means. Just in my experience, they have the same sale tactics as everyone.
  3. Wait why was @twangster subscribed to NCL? I thought you were all over RCL now, should have done that a long time ago lol.
  4. I saw this yesterday and it really intrigued me and I was thinking if they do this I may actually get off the ship for it lol.
  5. I'm guessing the other pier is cheaper for them. They would be holding a prime spot for an entire day.
  6. I would say yes, if a better deal comes you can always cancel and re-order it at the lower price. That's not a bad price.
  7. I never knew there were multiple piers. When we were there on Freedom we docked right near Old San Juan with many other ships.
  8. Thing is it's not just Royal, they all try to trick new cruisers with this sale or this thing is included or some other bonus but when you calculate it, it's still the same price.
  9. I agree with @tiny260 that sounds like a good price. I think the cheapest I saw on Freedom was around $120 and never saw any on board discounts.
  10. I must agree with the Lava Flow, both my wife and I really enjoyed it. Also, the Royal Castle was a nice strong drink with lots of citruses. I think even your husband may enjoy that one (minus the cup it comes in, although I thought it was fun but with alcohol package it would be extra anyways so just skip the cup ;) )
  11. Great blog, I always wanted to work on a cruise but my wife says no, happy wife happy life ;) $45 actually sounds like it must have gone up in price. I thought it was less than that here (will need to check when I'm at the store again). It depends, I kicked myself once as I saw a great deal with Johnny Walker Blue and the Reserve for $225 and I oued and awwed and at the airport, the same combo was about $300. There has been other times that the cruise is tricky like 3 for ... but if its only 2 of us we really can only bring back 2 (at least to cayman). If I won the lott
  12. Almost forgot to share this with you, however, didn't see anyone named Jayne when we went by and I checked later too, may have just happened to miss them though.
  13. I just got off Freedom and I must say it is a great ship. You can get an idea on my live blog that I did. We did its current position out of Ft. Lauderdale and are planning to do the San Juan side in 2020 (almost booked on the cruise but will talk about that elsewhere). The ship is great for all ages, even walking the ship I noticed a great mix of ages. When I was in San Juan for the day we didn't see much in the main area of the city but did see some once we left towards the mountains for our excursion (Totally recommend it if you have time after your cruise.) If you have any questions of the
  14. Note: Not cruise related directly but may still be useful when cruising from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. I also just wanted to mention 2 hotels that we stayed at after the cruise and also I rental car warning lol and (why are we always the last ones to get our luggage, wait where is everyone, Oh No! lol). The first hotel was the Nuvo hotel in Miami, very nice and updated property with a full little kitchen and breakfast included. Was a very nice little hotel for those needing somewhere to stay in Miami for a few days. The other was the Best Western in Ft. Lauderdale, not as nice a
  15. It was great. So giving an idea of what I used. I turned off most things on my phone to give data to the primary things, (work phone app, whatsapp, emails, and periscope.) I could still use the other apps they just wouldnt use background data. I periscoped multiple times from St. Kitts, St. Maarten, and Labadee (Caribbean plan) I some how only used 112MB out of my 500MB plan which was only $20 US. For the North American plan that covers Puerto Rico and my Florida trip including maps usage and lots of other stuff trying to kill my data I only used 420MB. I purchased a 1GB plan and it got bumped
  16. Sorry for my delay on the last sea days post. It was very busy and then just never stopped lol. Finally home and slowly getting back to things (not that I want to lol) So we started the day with ice skating. After many years I started to get back into it like riding a bike. We then headed to chops for our lunch reservations (not that they were needed). Lunch was pretty good but to be honest I am not sure it was worth the extra fee compared to Giovanni's or even the MDR. As someone with allergies I did everything I thought I was supposed to, I called before the cruise and they put a note on my
  17. Ya, you really don't know when they were made. I would prefer to get them out as soon as they get made. I will try to remember to take one tomorrow for you. My Periscope name is @LetsTryThisPlace
  18. So today was Laberdee. I have to say coming from Cayman it really isn't much for us. My original plan for today was to go to the floating bar and have a Laberdoozy. We got off the ship a little before 2, I then went to look for the floating bar. I must admit I really thought it would have been more towards the cove side as it was much calmer there. We found it we went to go into the water and realized it was too cold for us. Not extremely Cole but for us, it was too cold lol. So no floating bar for us. We also found they were also all out of Laberdoozies everywhere. After 0/2 we walked around
  19. This is proof that Royal's IT doesn't follow proper release protocols. You never should do your changes on your live system until there is a tested version. They weren't even ready in the first place never mind trying to do testing on it. This is why version releases are important.
  20. So its food post time :). Today was actually kind of fun because they brought out the kitchen staff to parade around and introduce themselves. It was also lobster night. Sandra and I ended up splitting 3 between us and a prime rib (soooo worth it) we did start with the caesar salad but didn't take a photo because it was the same as my previous post, we'll just say I've had it 3 nights in a row. For desert we both had the chocolate molten cake and was so good. My only complaint was the crust could have been a touch more crispy but still had great flavor. The kitchen staff
  21. So it was a great day at the window caves. Our guide, Ernesto, was very detailed and very helpful. Here are some photos from the window cave's property. Sadly because Royal said they need to rush so we reach Laberdee on time (which I am not looking forward to) we missed most of San Juan itself and had to be all aboard by 1:30. This was very disappointing as I wanted to spend a few hours and not feel rushed. For us we can get the Laberdee experience without all the extra fees Royal tries to up charge you with. We had around 30-45 minutes to explore Old San Juan to look for a shot cla
  22. So far its worked out great would highly recommend it. I've been able to scope at every stop with barely any issues. The issues I have had was just network coverage which isn't the sims fault. One thing to note for those from outside the US is that it needs multiple packages if using it on a cruise and in the US. I must admit being my first time I have A LOT of data left lol.
  23. Did you book it with the cruise or independently? I ask because they do both together, we had a larger family in a jeep while the others were on the ATVs and the had a couple other jeeps parked near by.
  24. I'm sure it will be fine for you :) we have a backup port so its rare we get missed but does happen. I think of all last month they missed once. We are on the bus now heading back to San Juan from the Window caves which was amazing and I'll post some pictures once we are back on the ships WiFi. I would say that the locals are happy that people are visiting again and I noticed something that I never thought of. While we were waiting for the bus I noticed a generator near the main area. This would explain how they can keep going even when somewhere else is having issues. Also never t
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