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  1. The credit is part of what sale you book with. You can price match for more as long as you are still paying on your cruise. Ex. We booked a mini suite and received 100.00 at that time. Two months later, they had a sale that offered 300 for our room. I simply called in and she added the money to our room. Once you pay out though, they won't do this.
  2. Hampton Inn Blue Lagoon. This hotel was the nicest Hampton Inn I've ever seen. Very close comparison to Embassy suites. A wonderful breakfast included too.
  3. I struggled with this for our Alaska trip. We finally decided to bring both. I can tell you we took maybe 10 pics with the camera. Our phones were handy and have excellent cameras. Ours are the new Pixels though. I would say it depends on which iPhone you have. The cameras did not reach great quality until the iPhone 7 .
  4. Hi, You sound like me. I worry about about planning everything. We've done enough Carribean cruises now.. Always with Royal, that most of the stress is gone. I can tell you what I've learned. I get to the port at 11:00 am. Best time. (After your first cruise, sign up for the crown and anchor.. It takes about 15 min to get on). One thing we constantly remark on is that, for instance, the ship holds 4000 people . Where are they? Somehow Royal does a good job at it never seeming over crowded. The first day at Windjammer, is busy but by coming early,, we generally get a good seat. As far as the adult solarium goes, it's nice but a little humid for our taste. We normally just stay on the top level near the pool to hear the music. / Cozumel is wonderful. We rented a driver and a car for 3 hrs and had him drive us to the back of the island where it's just road and ocean. Gorgeous. I got the best pics! Then ate at a auth Mex restaurant. We returned to the ship hours before anyone else, so had that time to enjoy the hot tubs. I've never gotten the key. . Oh if you do get off the ship, wait a hour or so after they start disembarking. We do and always walk right off without stopping. I do the highlighter on the compass but not the hooks. Haven't needed those. Two things I don't go without .. a travel bottle of Downy wrinkle release and I have a organizer that hangs from the bathroom door for toiletries. I hope you have a good time!
  5. 10/1/18 Mariner of the Seas. We weren't going to do one this year because we are going to Alaska next year but I couldn't stand it! Normally, we do the Freedom class and will be taking the Ovation to Alaska..but thought it would be nice to try the Mariner. It's getting refurbished and back in water in June, so that will be nice.
  6. ckmoss


    Hi, we have booked an Alaskan cruise on the Ovation June 2019 for our 20th anniversary. I'm looking at booking excursions and was wondering if anyone could recommend good ones in Juneau and Skagway. We are doing the gardens in Canada. Looking to make this perfect.
  7. Hi, Out of all our excursions, the one on Costa Maya was the best. The number one in things to do on trip advisor was Maya Chan Beach. All the reviews were great and we were not disappointed! This is a beach owned by cruisers that wanted to give others an excursion without hassle of ship excursion. We went this past March. It was 59 .00 pp. They only take so many. Each group gets their own space (not crunched in at all). Everything.. And I mean everything.. Is included. Drinks.. Wonderful food ..kayaks.. tubes..beach games. We booked through the actual website instead of TripAdvisor but go in and read both places. The owners are honest about anything that may happen. Full refunds if rains or whatever. It for have a bumpy road getting back there but they go slow.
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