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  1. Immunised travellers to Bermuda must follow the requirements set-out in the Quarantine (COVID-19) (No.3) Order 2020 Way i read this is that these measures are from last year and have not been updated to accommodate visitors for cruises as any updates should be dated as such.
  2. This is great news.. ? now can we please get something in Europe? ???
  3. Can you give me the names of these companies please? ??? Oh wait doc says alcohol is off limits ???
  4. Yeah i saw that.....honestly what an absolute clown and disgrace to the medical profession and those risking their lifes on a daily basis to try and stop the spread
  5. Found it hilarious that the original tweet was from a DOCTOR.........
  6. My wife crossing the Atlantic to meet ship xAmaySK.mp4
  7. My wife is the same....desperate for a break away from the house. She has actually suggested cancelling our planned cruise from PR next March due to all of the uncertainty in relation to us actually getting on the ship! Will we be able to fly? if we can will we have to fly direct or could we go via NYC? Even if we can fly will the cruise only be open to Puerto Ricans? And even if it's open to all what will the capacity be? A reduced capacity means we could be bumped off cruise! And if it is reduced and we don't get on ship when would they let you know as there is so much planning involved. All of this going through my Wifes head so she just wants a break now ?
  8. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/24607-aidaperla-relaunches-cruise-service-in-the-canaries.html Report on Aida cruiselines yesterday. This is one of Aida's homeports so they will know the market is there.
  9. I may have mentioned Barcelona as a port that cruiselines could sail from but not that it may open soon.
  10. Not sure as i don't touch the stuff ?? I will stick with a nice red wine ?or 2 lol
  11. No its the Haggis that does that! However under the scottish wildlife act 1982 Sect 4 (5) you cannot catch them during the months of june to august as thats their breeding season.
  12. Edinburgh would be the only GB port worth stopping at. The rest i would give a miss
  13. Have they mentioned the % of passenger capacity that will allowed to cruise?
  14. Got as far as here and after that everything was a blur! Simply because i kept on thinking about the MSC ship thats been cruising the med with passengers since last year! Costa and Aida ships as well with no issues ( well apart from the passengers that got kicked off cruise for not following procedures) Yet WE in Europe screwed it up! Maybe you could enlighten me with how you come to that conclusion TYIA Ps how many NA cruises right now? Oh thats right none and if you want to cruise you will have to travel to Europe or Caribbean
  15. I would look at flying into another caribbean island to reduce the cost.
  16. Are you being serious? Or just selfish? I mean the 1000+ covid positive students from Durham University who had parties or all of those youngters who were photographed in Soho, Manchester or any otjer city in the UK then when interviewed said they "didnt care as it doesnt harm young people " yip all those youngsters sacrificed so much!!! At least the younger generation have years in front of them, the older generation have lost a year of their life they cannot get back! Everyone has been in the same boat, people of all ages have made sacrifices, people of all ages have broken the rules! But you cannot play the age card....its about protecting the vulnerable
  17. Yes you can however make sure your flights if not direct dont pass through any country you need to quarantine even if just in transit
  18. But do you think there Will be a change in strategy in how you bring them back? As per topic of post?
  19. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/5964/ First cruises are to nowhere later on in summer ports of call will be introduced No vaccine required however negative test is required before boarding
  20. Thats 1 cruise i would love to be on! Only issue i would have is getting my missus on a smaller ship
  21. On the brightside you can now book a cruise from LA that may also need to be shifted ? it probably wont need to be but who knows
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