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  1. Hearing around 2K but with the change in vax rules could wind up being less. We are on this also and are curious ourselves. But I believe that you cannot book until onboard. We should know by next week as she sails Sunday.
  2. Still have to wear mask indoors until you get seated in restaurant or in an all vaxed area
  3. We were looking at Jewel for the same time frame, might try that out of Miami.
  4. Yes just listened in on part of The coffee talk and no idea on when there will be a return to normalcy.
  5. Great job Jill, exactly right. The governor spelled out in his executive order what he was talking about by citing restaurants, movies and sporting events. So I am thinking that a rewrite will be in the works with the next session to include something like traveling destinations require proof to be exempted. Celebrity and Carnival are sailing with vax only over 12 (and I will stand correct if false) and what have we heard from the state, crickets.
  6. Smokeybandit, do you think this was "caught" on the plane over? Funny how they were negative getting on the ship and then 5 days later positive. Some one else can jump in here but it seems to take 3-5 days to show, and I will stand corrected on this point.
  7. By the way, where are all of the NCL ships? I see the two in Miami but where are the rest?
  8. I do this also but wondering now if that will be a thing of the past for awhile.
  9. I agree but my "sad" comment was the fact that the courts seemed to not be blind in some cases. Maybe its just me but it seems when a case comes up that may have our attention we start looking at who appointed the judge or judges.
  10. Again I am no legal eagle but one thing I noticed in the filing to SCOTUS was the case law that FL produced backing its claim. It seemed quite lengthy to a novice but impressive. I agree that this does look political which is sad that we have potentially come to this.
  11. Do you think the 3 judges of the 11th Circuit knew what would happened when the state appealed to SCOTUS?
  12. You are obviously more adept at reading and interpreting the language of law than I, but I think I read where in the appeal to the SCOTUS it stated the entire court was not available.
  13. Possibly, so I guess I should have said something to the effect of "not do anything that could make the CDC mad". The CDC could still win this and if they do then what?
  14. I do not think the cruise lines will change their protocols or schedules at this point. Not sure they could if they wanted to.
  15. Jeff did Justice Thomas really need to mention Judge Merryday's ruling? If a=b and b=c then a=c thought process or it Friday lets go home. LOL
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