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  1. It was a glitch! Somehow the computer reverted to the non promotional price. Spoke to a wonderful woman in customer service named Stacey. She was able to get me an even lower fare! Wonderful customer service, and I can't wait until our January cruise! Thank you to all of you for your help! I will have to come back to this forum since you are all so nice!
  2. Thank you! I will try calling customer service and see what happens. This is my first cruise, so I didn't know if this was a mistake or a horrible way to scam first time cruisers.
  3. My cruise price mysteriously increased from $1800 to $2700. Without any changes on my end. After I had booked and paid $500. Now my bill instead of being $1300 is $2200. I'm wondering if this is normal? How can this happen? Does Royal Carribean typically raise prices after putting down a deposit? I thought that locked in the price?
  4. I received a good deal. I put down a deposit. I logged in today to make another payment and the total price of my cruise went for $1800 to $2700. Huge increase. Is this normal? How can they do this?
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