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  1. My only need of using it is to check in on the kids, either via texts, phone calls, or FaceTime. I have zero intentions on using it for social media or work. I want to unplug as much as possible but it's also our first time ever leaving our kids with my parents so I foresee a lot of checking in with them. It's only a 3 night cruise. Do you think it's worth getting Voom for this? I was planning on getting the deluxe beverage package and right now, Cruise Planner has the 25% deal on deluxe beverage and Voom 1 device. What are your thoughts?
  2. Cool, thanks! How much was it to rent the snorkel gear from RCI? What'd you do at Coco Cay?
  3. We're on Enchantment. I've never been to the Bahamas so would really like to explore it even just for a bit myself.
  4. So my husband and I unfortunately have different views when it comes to a vacation. He's all about being active and being out and about checking out new places, while I can lay down on a mat or chair on the beach all day long and I'd be the happiest person alive. What's a good compromise for both Coco Cay and Nassau that we can both somehow enjoy? How would you split the day/s up and what excursions would you recommend? We're both in good health so we have no limits as far as active excursions go. We're in each port from 8am - 5pm. I should note that I've read up quite a bit on Atlantis (Nassau) and I don't think we'd be interested in that at all, given the short time frame we're in port. It's our first cruise and we want to take advantage of what ports have to offer. We also love trying out new foods, if that helps. TIA!
  5. I see the deluxe beverage and voom one device combo for 25% off. Is that the one? It's still an option for my Enchantment sailing in September.
  6. I believe it's been mentioned that the Deluxe Beverage Package has been on sale for 30% off before. Anyone know how often this happens, or when the last time it happened? Currently, it's 20% off on my cruise planner. I've been holding off until I see the 30% but I also don't want to miss the boat on the 20% off and kick myself later. Should I just buy the 20% off now and then cancel and buy if/when the 30% comes around? Thoughts?
  7. Not sure if this question was for me. But the option doesn't show on Cruise planner for me. So probably not? Probably a good thing because Chops for 3 nights in a row for $75/person is not a horrible price and I'd be tempted to get it for us.
  8. Ha! Disneyworld is in our radar in 2020. I will be full planning mode when I get back from the cruise. :)
  9. I don't know what I'm gonna do after we get off the ship in September! Right now, I spend my days scouring message forums like this, stalking cruise planner, looking for recent compass for my sailing, and calling RC when there are price drops. I'm really hoping we enjoy cruising!
  10. Sweeeeeet! Was hemming and hawing if I should purchase for my husband. He couldn't care less. Will definitely get it at this price for him. Now waiting for the deluxe package to hit 30% off for me...
  11. I purchased and made our reservation without the 20% discount. I called afterwards asking about it and they said it's not applicable. Hhhmm.
  12. Yay! I'm glad Enchantment made it on this list! :) Total newb here and I'm just going on my very first cruise ever with my husband this September. We didn't really get a chance to be picky with ships because the sailing date is what drove our decision. And then itinerary. So our first cruise is 3 nights to the Bahamas on Enchantment. I've done an embarrassing amount of research so I know it's a much smaller ship without bells and whistles. We also wanted to splurge more on excursions and dining (and maybe a little spa treatment if time permits) so we opted for an inside cabin. With it being our first cruise, figured there wouldn't be anything to compare and we'd be happy just to be away on our own without the kids. :)
  13. This one? https://www.royalcaribbeanpresscenter.com/download-press-kit/7/
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