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  1. Now that the info about Freedom is out, the next ship to focus on is Explorer. I am considering sail her from Civitavecchia next year and this refurb might persuade me... A few seem to think that it will be the same as Navigator, but Navigator was specifically redesigned for the 3/4 day market. Whilst I can see slides and some new pool bars being introduced, I can't imagine them completely revamping the pool deck like they did on Navigator since Explorer will spend half of the year in Europe. She's in drydock for a while, even longer than Nav was so I'm hoping that her amplification is extensive and much more so than Voyager's non-existent amplification. Any thoughts?
  2. Dennis was middle of the pack for me. Did a decent job but had much better, and he does talk too much - L&M dragged on with him hosting it. At least he still has a bit of enthusiasm after 3 decades at sea and does want people to have a good time.
  3. Due to unforeseen family circumstances, my only way of cruising next year will very likely be solo. I can also only cruise in Europe, and probably only on a 7 nighter. I am looking at: Jewel, Anthem, Allure, Rhapsody and Explorer. Do any of these ships have solo cabins or in the cases of EX & AL, could they be added in drydock? Thanks.
  4. Tragic incident. Very saddening to hear that these things keep happening.
  5. Edited - not worth it, but please show compassion to the individuals affected rather than judgement.
  6. Welcome! ? I sailed with Dennis on Harmony a month ago. Had low expectations from what I had read and watched of him, but I actually thought he was fine. Did a decent job with Love and Marriage, Morning Show etc and was personable in conversation. Unlike a certain other longterm CD that I have sailed with, he still clearly enjoys his job and it is obvious that he does want people to have a good time. My only issues were that he can sometimes be a bit loud on the microphone when closing shows and a bit too long-winded at some shows, he likes to talk a lot. Overall, I think he did a decent job and would probably be middle of the road in comparison to the others. Had better, had worse.
  7. Brian Leavitt was due to leave for vacation today and I'm not sure who has replaced him. Hang in there and I'll try and find who it is.
  8. I don't think that we should save elevators as such, there are enough elevators to go around on Harmony, but I do like to use the stairs. I walked from Deck 6 to the Windjammer on Deck 16 several times onboard - you are right that many people could use the exercise.
  9. Of course there are some people with disabilities, but there are several people that are just lazy and they make life harder for those that genuinely do struggle in these situations. Have a great cruise!
  10. If you could move it to the Clyde in Glasgow, I'm in!
  11. I have a question - after the Anthem GC and Symphony in the space of a month, are you feeling cruised out?
  12. Sorry to hear that. It sucks when you go in with expectations and they don't live up to them. Probably end of contract blues as he is on vacation in 2 weeks as if you're being compared to Bobby Brown, something is up. Heard a negative review of Hannah before - sounds as if doing Harmony with Marc, Dennis & Moe was the right decision after all.
  13. There doesn't seem to be any O5 bookings yet. My guess is that she will probably do a couple of short sample cruises from either Southampton or Barcelona and then over to Miami. Who knows? I don't believe that they will have 2 Oasis Class in Europe though, I don't think that they will put one in Southampton for an actual season.
  14. Yes - Mike is covering Jimmy's vacation for 2 months which is due to start soon so Mike will be your CD.
  15. Harmony is scheduled for drydock in 2021.
  16. Was just reading CC and someone has given info regarding port bookings. From what I have read, the following 9 ships have been spotted in the schedules of multiple European ports at some point in 2021: Rhapsody, Vision, Brilliance, Jewel, Explorer, Independence, Anthem, Odyssey and Harmony. Is it just me or does this not seem likely? Given that they dropped from 8 ships in 2019 to 7 ships in 2020, I can't see them going to 9 in 2021, especially given the capacity increase that the return/addition of Independence and Odyssey would bring. It would be awesome, but I'm not sure if I see it happening. What are your thoughts? Likely or not?
  17. What's the problem with Muster? I must be the only person that likes it. AquaTheater isn't the best location, but we had it in the Fitness Center on Harmony and had to stand so that qualifies as the worst location for Muster IMO.
  18. Welcome onboard! (not sure why I'm saying that, I'm not on the ship). Have a great afternoon exploring the ship.
  19. Angelle Rutten van Hemert is current Activities Manager on Ovation. Not sure what the emails are though.
  20. Cory just joined Royal back in June on Grandeur. Reviews on CC have all been very positive. He was a CD on Carnival for a while if that helps.
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