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This Royal Caribbean crew member reminds cruise ship passengers to wash their hands and has a cult-like following of fans

16 Apr 2024
Calista Kiper

Some crew members stand out from the rest, especially one woman who makes a simple task a big deal.

Ms Washy Washy

If you’ve ever been on a Royal Caribbean cruise, you know going to the ship's buffet involves sanitizing your hands. Often the crew member repeats a friendly refrain (that has probably gotten stuck in your head).

“Washy washy before you yummy yummy!”

“No washy washy, no foody foody!”


The idea is to make a memorable way to remind guests what to do, and it's been in place for many years.

But one crew member in particular goes above and beyond when it comes to the “washy washy” job.

Stacian has gained a cult-like following for her washy-washy duties

Photo from Dana Meeks

Stacian is a crew member who works hard at making the Washy-Washy job fun and memorable. 

She has reportedly worked for Royal Caribbean for 22 years and has a total of 14 distinct costumes for her Washy Washy duties.

From a Minnie Mouse to a nurse's uniform, each outfit is completed with a hat or a sash that reads “Washy Washy.” You're going to quickly notice her if you're on her ship.

She greets guests with a huge smile, singing her own refrain of “Washy-Washy” to remind guests to clean their hands.

Photo from Michael Duncan

Her fun demeanor and unique outfits have garrned a following among cruise fans who make a point to stop and say hello if they see her.

A user on the Royal Caribbean Dining Facebook Page shared a post memorializing Stacian’s influence on her cruise. Over 300 people commented that they too had seen her on a ship and loved her energy.

“My favorite part about waking up on the Wonder of the Seas is knowing that I get to see Stacian,” Dana Meeks wrote.

Photo from Dana Meeks

“It never fails to put a big grin on my face.”

Hundreds of commenters resonated with the influence Stacian had during their cruise. 

“She is such a joy to see first thing in the morning!” Jackie Pellegrini Hamilton wrote. “[A] great way to start the day!”

The washy-washy crew members wake up early to greet guests entering the Windjammer, which opens at 7:00 A.M. for breakfast.

Often, these crew members will be the first smiling faces that guests see in the morning.

And many guests agreed that Stacian made their morning delightful.

Photo from Carolyn Schultz

Stacye Greer remembered Stacian as well, calling her “a Royal treasure.”

“She is great! So much fun.”

Cindy White Menser Bazzy commented, “She informed us that she creates all of her costumes and she is the one who started the washy-washy. We absolutely loved her.”

She makes the experience uniquely memorable

Photo from Dana Meeks

Each crew member that stands at the Windjammer entrance seems to have the freedom to give the task their own, fun twist: some play ukuleles, while I’ve seen others blast pop music through speakers while they sing along with a parody involving the “washy-washy” message.

However, you won’t find another Stacian on any other ship.

In addition to being credited with starting the “washy washy” job, she goes above and beyond to make the task brighter.

Wearing colorful costumes (that she makes herself) and greeting guests with high energy and a bright smile, she has garnered quite a fanbase.

Stacian is one such crew member who makes the job brighter by wearing fun, colorful costumes. She is also credited with starting the job, beginning the trend of brightly reminding guests to wash their hands. 

“She is fantastic! She sets the bar!”

“I always love the staff on Royal, but Stacian is the most memorable and brought the energy every day,” Jim Jarvie wrote.

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However, not everyone seems to enjoy the washy-washy experience. 

Sassafras Johnstone commented on the Facebook post, saying that the “washy-washy people are ridiculous.”

“We are not two years old. [It’s] so annoying. I think the job is demeaning to them as well.”

Some cruisers don’t like the music and singing outside the Windjammer, or feel offended at being reminded to wash their hands.

Why is hand hygiene important?

hand sanitizer

Washing your hands isn't just something to do at the buffet. It's one of the most important personal hygiene tasks you can do on a cruise ship.

No one wants to get sick, and washing your hands often minimizes the chances of getting sick from germs on the surface of something you touch. The best way to avoid spreading or catching germs is to wash your hands, especially before you eat or after using the restroom. It's also smart to wash your hands after touching a handrail, elevator button, or other high-touch surfaces.

Royal Caribbean ships have hand sanitizer available to use, but most health experts agree washing your hands is a superior strategy. Hand sanitizer is more than adequate when you're not near a sink. In the case of the Windjammer, many of the larger ships have hand washing stations as you enter the venue.

Photo from Stephanie Raite

Hand-washing helps prevent the spread of disease, especially in a public, shared space like the Windjammer buffet.


One of my favorite cruise tips is to pack liquid soap to keep in your cabin bathroom to make washing your hands easier than using the provided bar soap.

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Calista Kiper graduated from Wheaton College, IL, with a B.A. in English Writing. 

Growing up traveling around the world, she developed a passion for diversity and cross-cultural communication. From her first cruise on Wonder of the Seas, she has delighted in the intersection between travel, diversity, and writing in the cruising world.

Calista spends her free time reading, cooking, and researching the latest human-interest stories. 

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