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Icon of the Seas is set to begin her sea trials

15 Jun 2023
Elizabeth Wright

A milestone in the construction of Royal Caribbean's first Icon Class cruise ship will begin this weekend.


"Icon will depart from the Turku shipyard for the first time ever during the weekend, when Icon's week-long sea trials begin," confirmed Meyer Turku's Facebook page

Over the course of the week, certain systems and features will be tested that cannot when she the ship is docked. 

"Thank you to everyone involved in the Icon project! Icon's seaworthiness is the result of the combined expertise of Meyer's top professionals from many different fields."


"Let's wish a good voyage to Icon of the Seas, and prepare to welcome Icon back to the shipyard after her trials!"

The Meyer Turku Facebook page stated that they will post more pictures of Icon of the Seas once she official departs. 

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What are sea trials?

Icon of the Seas construction aerial photo from June 2023

Sea trials test a cruise ship's navigational and technical systems. This is the final part of a cruise ship construction prior to delivery.

During these tests, everything from the ship's propulsion to navigation and engines are tested. It is imperative that everything be in tip-top shape when the ship officially joins the fleet. 

Sea trials range in duration. Wonder of the Seas', for instance, was only four days. Moreover, sometimes it is common for there to be two different sessions. 

The sea trials are conducted with a combination of shipyard employees, as well as Royal Caribbean crew members.

First ship of her kind


Royal Caribbean has not launched a new class of ship since 2014, making Icon of the Seas that much more exciting.

Not only will she be the largest cruise ship in the world, but she will also feature many firsts for both the cruise line and industry, including the record-breaking Category 6 water park.  

Upon completion, she will be 6% larger than Wonder of the Seas, who currently holds the title for largest cruise ship in the world.

Hideaway aerial

The 250,800 gross ton ship will be nothing short of thrilling, offering something to appeal to everyone!

From relaxing on the revamped pool decks, to catching an exciting show at the AquaDome, spending quality time together in the family-centered Surfside neighborhood, and indulging in brand-new culinary experiences, Icon of the Seas is set to offer the ultimate family vacation. 

"We think it's going to be the best family vacation in the world," said Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Michael Bayley.

Icon of the Seas Surfside Staterooms

"And all of the energy and time that's gone into creating this ship is just mind blowing."

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