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Video: Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas art reveal

29 Sep 2016

The Harmony of the Seas exhibit “The Wonder of Our World, The World We Live In,” presents over 3,000 pieces from artists spanning 60 countries. Led by curatorial director Mariangela Capuzzo at ICArt, the collection explores wonder from four perspectives— people, places, what we do and what inspires us —through an array of media. Many of the works were created specifically for Harmony of the Seas and designed to bring joy to all who sail.

Royal Caribbean art: Fighter jets on Freedom of the Seas

09 Aug 2016

Located in the Forward Centrum deck 10 of Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas, is a mixed media art display that features fighter jets that you might notice when taking a ride in one of the elevators.

This is not just a display of F-18 and F-16 planes, but actually the work of Italian artist Antonio Riello, entitled "Komba Tiepolo 30, 31 and 32".

If you look closely, you can see that Riello has taken fighter planes and decorated them with mythological fragments from Giambattista Tiepolo frescoes found in Italian churches and palaces.  The artist likes to explore the common territory and the curiosities of our collective imagination.  By turning what we desire or fear into a mix of the banal and the sublime, he creates the unexpected and the unpredictable.

Riello gathers his inspirations from the great amount of historical and artistic heritage found all over Italy - Roman ruins, medieval walls, Baroque churches and more.  He likes to mix these elements of the past with contemporary Italian life.

In this piece, Riello uses the Tiepolo frescoes to mask war instruments, which turns them into delightful and irresistibly bizarre paintings.

“Komba Tiepolo 30” The paintings are inspired by G.B. Tiepolo’s frescos in Wurzburg Residence. The aircraft is a copy of an F18 (Hornet).

“Kompa Tiepolo 31” Paintings are inspired by G.B. Tiepolo’s in Wurzburg Residence and Venice’s Ca Rezzonico. The aircraft is a copy of an F16.

“Kompa Tiepolo 32” Paintings are inspired by G.B. Tiepolo’s frescos in villas of the countryside in Venice. The aircraft is a copy of an F16.

The pieces are made of fiberglass, resin, metal wood and acrylic. 

Video: Royal Caribbean Celebrates The Wonder Of Our World On Harmony Of The Seas

06 Jun 2016

The world's largest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas features a $6.5 million art collection of more than 3,000 works.  Inspired by the theme “The Wonder of Our World, The World We Live In”, artists from around the world – more than 60 countries, from Argentina and Australia to  Greece and Morocco – created unique pieces to intrigue Royal Caribbean guests and crew, alike. 

A look at new art feature coming to Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas

11 Feb 2016

Art and architecture firm Marc Fornes & Theverymany has provided a preview of one piece of art they are working on for Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas.

Entitled, "Ivy", the art was created by Marc Fornes and is a 40m high permanent aluminum structure within the elevator lobby of Harmony of the Seas.

There is an interesting look at the initial sketches and the development in progress.

Tip of the hat to Frank Ireland for alerting us to this information.

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast Episode - Interview with artist Larry Kirkland

23 Sep 2015

Listen to the Show

What makes Royal Caribbean cruise ships so beautiful and unique are the exquisite art collections guests can find onboard. Each ship in Royal Caribbean’s fleet has its own array of art that spans many eras and styles. This week, we get the chance to talk to one artist that has contributed art across so many of Royal Caribbean’s mega-ships, American designer Larry Kirkland. Oasis of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas and many more ships all have contributions by Mr Kirkland onboard and.

On this episode:
Running time:

Quantum of the Seas cutout reveals more of art on ship

17 Aug 2014

In the past few days, Royal Caribbean released an updated Quantum of the Seas cutaway and also announced its art collection for the ship.  Putting both together, we can now get a better idea of what to expect on the ship.

Blog reader Victor Sacal analyzed the new cutaway to look for what's new and the art work featured in the cutaway stood out.

In total, there are 10 art pieces you can now spot in the Quantum of the Seas cutaway.

  1. Head (Via corridor)
  2. "Waves of Light" (Via Rotunda)
  3. Crossing (Aft elevator lobby wall)
  4. Photography (American Icon Grill)
  5. Photography (American Icon Grill)
  6. Photography (American Icon Grill)
  7. Andy Warhol Self Portrait (Aft stairs)
  8. Diver (Aft Stairs)
  9. From Afar (Outside SeaPlex)
  10. Painting on oil (Vintages)

The Via Corridor, and The Via Rotunda is the space between the Aft elevators and two70.

Royal Caribbean to offer new art program on its ships

29 Jun 2011

Royal Caribbean is launching a new art program dubbed, Art on Royal, on all 22 of its cruise ships.

Art on Royal integrates art-inspired events with tours, seminars, and auctions and features selected artists from the Royal Caribbean Art Collection.  There will also an opportunity to view and purchase a one-of-a-kind piece of their choice featured in the gallery.  This includes signature Royal Caribbean artsits such as Romero Britto and Thomas Kinkade.

This new art program was developed originally for Oasis of the Seas with partner Art Actually.  Art on Royal is currently available on Adventure of the Seas and Navigator of the Seas, and will be on more ships by the end of the year.

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