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Scissors - can I bring a small pair

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I’m looking to bring my cross stitch stuff for my upcoming cruise. Would I be able to bring a small scissor aboard (not a child safety scissor but the same size)? I believe scissors are on the no-no list but have also read of others stitching at sea so I’m incline to say yes. I don’t want to pack the cross stitch stuff though if I can’t use a scissor.


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4 hours ago, Baked Alaska said:

When I travel (e.g., airport, cruise, train, etc) with my knitting, and I'm not sure as to the status of scissors, I bring a fingernail clipper to cut yarn, instead. Also have use successfully sewing and embroidery. When I get home, then I can clean up the back side of my work.

Very smart. We will already have one too so it can be a back up though I’m sure it’s also slightly annoying to use.

Think I'm going to pack ‘em! All responses ease my mind a bit. Thanks!

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