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"Side to Side" Live - Oasis & Enchantment 11/10-11/23

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What a great, unique blog. Loved your review and feedback. Kudos on completing your trip with it being “almost too much”. Having a young kid “almost” is def a win.

Sitting in the Doubletree in Newark now to embark on an 11 day cruise in Anthem with our four year old (YAY!). I’ll be doing a “not-live” review when I’m back and can hopefully pay it forward with some tips for little ones on that ship.

Welcome home!!

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On 11/18/2018 at 3:17 PM, betatke1480 said:

Day 7 - Sea Day

Today's sea day was pretty uneventful.  We went to Park Cafe for breakfast.  It was a nice, quick option for something to eat with some protein.  After that, it was up to AO for Ginny.  Abby and I had our jacuzzi treatment in the spa.  Before hand, we had a few minutes in the thermal spa.  It was a very relaxing way to end the week.  

For lunch, we went to Johnny Rockets.  The #12 was very good.  Virginia is getting quite the complex, as everyone has been calling her "Princess" all week.  She's going to be a handful when we get back.  At lunch, the waitress decided that "princess" needed a milkshake, so she brought her a small one in a to-go cup free of charge.  It's been awesome to see, but V sure is going to be in a shock when we get home.  

After lunch, we decided to catch another showing of the Aqua Theater show.  It had been postponed from earlier in the week.  It was raining, but Ginny wanted to see it anyway, so we sat out in the rain.  They cut out the wire-act part of the show, but it was very enjoyable.  All of the performers seemed more relaxed, and like they were having more fun since it was raining.  The AD ended up getting towels from the pool deck and handing them out about halfway through the show, so that made it a little better.  Ginny still wants to be a "swim-gymmer".

Then it was a quick nap and back up to AO.  Abby and I went up around 4:00 for the Circus of the Seas, which was adorable.  Dinner was in Sorrentos, followed by some ice cream at Scoops and Cups, then another turn on the merry-go-round.  We took V up to AO at 7 so that Abby and I could pack... Then 10 pm rolled around, and it was time for bed.  Normally a sad sight to see, this was just a pause in the middle of our trip.


Disembarkation this morning took a little while.  For some reason, PC only had 4 lanes open for Customs.  We got a porter and were through in about 10 minutes, but the other line was barely moving, and because of that, we were held on the ramp in the terminal for about 25 minutes before we got to our bags.  Not sure why they wouldn't have more lanes open for such a large ship.  

Rental car was easy as could be.  Then we headed to lunch at Long Doggers, which was very good and I would highly recommend.  Now, as I type, we sit in the Holiday Inn Club Vacations room, overlooking the pool, as both V and Abby are taking their naps and we are doing laundry.  

Overall thoughts

-Motion was barely noticeable, but enough to let you know that we were on a ship.

-We definitely are #TeamSpecialty, and will be weighing the Ultimate Dining Packages in the future.  We only were in the MDR for the Character Breakfast.  Solarium one night for dinner, and the windjammer a couple of times for breakfast or lunch.  

-Giovanni's was our favorite restaurant by a long shot.  Everything was delicious, and the service was great.  150CP would be next for me, then Johnny Rockets, Chops, and Sabor last.  Chops was good, but everything we had was a bit bland.  Sabor was ok, but nothing special.  I hope this doesn't get me banned from the blog...The calamari was great, but looking back it was probably our least favorite specialty meal.  The Windjammer for breakfast and lunch was also a bit of a let down...  I was a big fan of Park Cafe.  And V loved Sorrentos.

-All of the staff we interacted with were great.  We had a great experience on Majesty with the crew, and we were hoping it would be the same on Oasis, and it was.  

-It's hard to believe there were 6,000 people on the ship.  They did a great job on design and crowd flow.  Also, the Rising Tide bar was much more fun than I expected it to be. 

-The app and Voom were iffy.  Every time my phone locked, I would get disconnected from Voom.  Abby's was fine the whole time.  I have an iphone 8 and she has the 8 plus...  Signal was good when connected, except for Facebook.  The app worked ok.  My major complaint is that it didn't update the "My Calendar" for anything you did on the ship.  So we could see the entertainment reservations we made before the cruise, but not any dining reservations we added.  That would have been a big plus.  

All in all, this was a very enjoyable voyage.  We will be booking Oasis onboard Enchantment for 2020, and probably going up to a Grand Suite, 2BR.  Looking at deck 12 so we can get the whirlpool on the balcony... 

We're tired, but looking forward to Enchantment in about 18 hours...

That is interesting.  I just got off oasis and my calendar did up date with new reservations  on the app as long as I was logged into the wifi.  I did not even purchase voom until mid week.  My husband did have the same problem with with wifi disconnecting.   I also liked the rising tide bar a lot!

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On 11/24/2018 at 5:39 PM, betatke1480 said:

It got a little harry close to landing.  We were probably 200 ft off the deck on approach when the pilot baled out and circled again.  There was some pretty strong rain coming down, and they had detected a wind shear.  I don't mind flying, but landings are always an anxious time for me.  Adding rain, wind, and turbulence to that really amped up the anxiety.


On 11/24/2018 at 5:44 PM, WAAAYTOOO said:

landings are nothing more than controlled crashes.

I always say that any landing you walk away from is a good one. If you can use the plane again, it's a great one.

Some of my best landings are the ones the people in the back probably think are the worst. Crosswinds, windshear, low visibility....some times it takes Herculean feats (pun intended) to get on the deck.


I enjoyed your blog! Thanks for sharing.


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