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Voom Offerings - SURF Now Offered in Cruise Planner


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I'm now seeing both 'Surf' and 'Surf and Stream' Voom packages available in the cruise planner for U.S. based sailings.  Historically for the U.S region the cruise planner has typically only offered 'Surf and Stream' with a few rare exceptions.  To purchase 'Surf' in the U.S. region you typically had to wait to board the ship.  

Pricing is now consistent through the middle of 2019 for my sailings.


1 device @ $9.99
2 devices @ $17.99
3 devices @ $24.99
4 devices @ $27.99


1 device @ $11.99
2 devices @ $19.99
3 devices @ $28.99
4 devices @ $33.49

While Surf is a slower performing package, for basic internet chat and 'dial up' type access it may fit the needs for many who just want to keep in touch, or chat with friends and family at home.   

If nothing else, pay attention to which plan you are picking when making cruise planner purchases.

This is the first time in a long time that Voom pricing has been consistent over a number of months.


In my experience Surf is speed limited to 0.5Mbps down and 0.25 Mbps up while Surf and Stream has typically offered around 4mbps down and just under 2Mbps up.


Freedom Day 3 am-4.jpg

Surf and Stream 

Freedom Day 3 am-7.jpg

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