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First Time on RCCL - What to Do?

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Hello it is going to be my first time on RCCL, my parents and I are going to Alaska on Jewel of The Seas. However, we have only ever done Disney before but decided we wanted to do something different because Disney was leaving out of Vancouver, and RCCL was leaving Seattle.


I'm 22, and my biggest concern is that I have no idea how to meet people on RCCL. On Disney, everyone is recurring, and they even have a small group for people in their twenties who are on board to meet. I was not sure if RCCL has anything like this? My impression of RCCL is that it is more of a party ship, and that is something I'm not really used to and was not sure if there were activities for people my age, especially since it is an Alaskan cruise.


Also, what do you suggest to wear for Jewel? I am assuming the same that I would wear on DCL, but was not sure if it was less or more formal than DCL. What excursions are also great to do, and what shows would you suggest? I am also a vegan, is there adequate dining for those who don't eat meat?



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I think you'll find they're more similar than different having sailed both lines multiple times. You might even find more singles than on Disney. Just look at the Navigator for the events that they have for young adults. As far as dress goes, Disney's stated dress code is more lenient; however, neither enforces anything beyond swim trunks, flip flops, etc. in the dining room at night.

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I wouldn't characterize Royal Caribbean as more of a party ship than DCL.  They are both family cruise lines with similar views on onboard entertainment.  


Be sure to check the cruise compass, there are usually events for singles.  My advice is to hang out at the busier bars (usually the pool bars) and meet folks there.  Also, the parties in the evening and the Quest are good spots to find other people.


I think dress code and what to wear is very similar to DCL.  You shouldn't have to veer much off of what you had previouslr.


For someone that is vegan, I would suggest speaking with the head waiter on embarkation day to discuss options.  Tell him/her what you want or are in the mood for.  Bad news is you wont necessarily find much on the menu specifically for vegans.  Good news is you can make requests and they are happy to make it (if they have the ingredients).  I think the key is to be creative on your part and ask them for specific dishes.  They have some ideas but I think it will be a lot of pastas and salads if you aren't more vocal about what kind of dishes you enjoy.

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The usually have a "singles" meet up spot each evening at one of the bars on each of the cruises I have taken so far. If you can look at a "cruise compass" for your particular cruise & ship, you should be able to get a much better idea of what to expect, activities to attend and what appeals to you or doesn't.


There are usually lots of veggies dishes to chose from what I have experienced.


While I haven't done an Alaskan cruise, I am guessing that the bars would be even busier inside, with a lack of pool/deck bars being used as much as a Caribbean cruise, so that may make it easier as well to run into people and meet people in the ship.

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If you end up with limited vegan options in the Main Dining Room, your best bet for vegan dishes is probably the Windjammer Cafe. I was eating vegan and gluten free a while back. Although I didn't stay strictly vegan on the cruise, I tried to eat mostly vegan and found a number of good options in the Windjammer. There are usually some asian and Indian dishes, salads, beans, etc.


Another way to meet people: There are usually several trivia contests each day in the Schooner Bar. You might show up, find a group near your age, and ask them if you can join their team. My son was 21 when we went to Alaska and 22 when we sailed to the Caribbean... he had a lot of fun at the trivia games.

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Great idea about the schooner bar, lots of people and meet ups on ships these days for singles so
I don't think you would be left out - I think especially for Alaska the similarities on the DCL and RCI ships

are similar for dress codes etc.  Its more casual then some cruises, its colder so people are in pants

and wind jackets more (although this summer 80 degrees has been around a lot!)

Vegan- they have lots of chefs that will cook good food for you - in the dining rooms I pre-order,

the night before, curry a lot on ships.  Vegetarian and the chefs make it great so I often pre-order

it 1-2 times in the Dining Room for the following nights dinner, the are great about it. Do this on DCL too.

And agree Windjammer will be better for some foods - they had a Gluten free area last time I was on

2 ships so they are getting better about that.

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