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  1. Hello it is going to be my first time on RCCL, my parents and I are going to Alaska on Jewel of The Seas. However, we have only ever done Disney before but decided we wanted to do something different because Disney was leaving out of Vancouver, and RCCL was leaving Seattle. I'm 22, and my biggest concern is that I have no idea how to meet people on RCCL. On Disney, everyone is recurring, and they even have a small group for people in their twenties who are on board to meet. I was not sure if RCCL has anything like this? My impression of RCCL is that it is more of a party ship, and that is something I'm not really used to and was not sure if there were activities for people my age, especially since it is an Alaskan cruise. Also, what do you suggest to wear for Jewel? I am assuming the same that I would wear on DCL, but was not sure if it was less or more formal than DCL. What excursions are also great to do, and what shows would you suggest? I am also a vegan, is there adequate dining for those who don't eat meat? Thanks!!
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