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Nassau Excursions

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Hi everyone!

I’m going on my first cruise is less than 2 weeks?

I’m trying to make my final decision on a shore excursion for Nassau.  My travel agent suggested Discover Atlantis Tour, but it is sold out. Here are the excursions that I’m trying to decide. My travel agent told me to stay away from the main beach off of the port because of pocket pickers. 

Blue Island Lagoon Deluxe Beach Break

Pearl Island Escape for Lunch 

Discover Nassau Land and Sea

Essential Nassau 

Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Charm & Beauty of Nassau and Paradise Island

 Balmoral Island Beach Break

Nassau Sea and Island Tour 

Since the excursions are only between 2- 5 hours, what do you suggest I do the rest of the time? She also suggested only 1 excursion due to time. I’m not sure what is better, extra time at a relaxing beach, or a tour around Nassau. Again, if I went on a 3 Hour Tour, what do I do with the rest of the day?

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Don't agree with the TA on pick pockets, just mind your stuff and you wont have problems. You may get pushy people selling stuff but just a firm, polite no is all you need. That said, I have done Blue Lagoon, Pearl Island and Glass boat. If you are looking for beach time do Blue lagoon or Pearl, Also check out the British Colonial all day if it is offered, or do it online directly.   Its right off the pier, very clean and "safe". Check TripAdvisor for reviews on your possible choices. Have a great trip and a "welcome to cruising".

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I have been to Nassau about 10x on cruises now and never done an excursion..always do my own thing. There is lots to do and see there that you don't need to pay for.


I mean if you want to do something...then by all means...but don't just do  something because you don't think you can just enjoy Nassau on your own. For your first time there is lots to see that is free and cheap...like the straw market...Junkanoo Beach....lots of shops and bars to be enjoyed...

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@New to Cruising Brandi we are also new to cruising we are on enchantment in November this year.

We have planed on hitting a couple of the old forts on the island then also going to Graycliff they have a chocolate factory as well as cigar factory you can tour both.

One of the best things you can do is start researching what the island has to offer. I was lucky to have friends from high school days that live there and gave some suggestions but  we also googled the island and there is a lot to do there. also doing a google map search you can see street views as well as pictures others have taken that might show you things to do you never would have thought of.

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