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What is up with the Fake PP guy? Grrrrrrr

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Maybe its a Carnival guy :)

This... this made me laugh so hard it hurts :P .

But yeah, they're hitting hard today. I just seen volley 2 arrive. These bots mean buisness. Well, shady buisness lol. Yes I know bad pun is bad.


Seriously though, as if it really needs said... fake passports are a surefire way to spend years in jail for trying to cheap out $100 or so. Any trip out of country, cruise or not, is magnitudes more in cost. Just spend the 100ish and get it the legal way(through your countries government) and save the risk of being someone's cell neighbor for years. Does this need said one may ask? Of course its common sense another may say! My one reply.... "seriously, have you even SEEN my generation?" :)

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The dark side of the internet.  I use the "report" feature, but I'm not sure if that helps Matt by flagging it or if it makes his life more difficult with more to deal with.  Perhaps he'll chime in.


More than likely, this is a means of identity theft as you'd have to give your vital info and credit card information.  In addition, it's not likely that anyone here would be interested, unless one of us is running from the government.  And if we were, taking a cruise would be a very bad idea as they'd be waiting for you when you disembarked. ;)

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First, I apologize for the increased spam lately.  I have some safeguards but this spam appears to be human generated (instead of a script somewhere) and there's not much we can to prevent it.


The report feature does help.  It certainly gets me a heads up when it appears.

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