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I thought I had read about a bar/restaurant of some kind that was a good spot to watch sailaway from ... probably walkable from the terminal but apart from that I cant think of anything that would be real convenient. Drove in/out each time we have sailed from Canaveral and don't recall seeing much near the port.

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Yeah, seems to me that there is a lot around there. We were on the Freedom in May and I recall thinking that there were a number of cute seafood-type restaurants right in the same area as the pier. Can't say that there is a beach per se but there definitely are restaurants. Don't think there are any hotels, but restaurats....yes

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The new terminal is basically right next to the old one.....well a few hundred feet maybe.


There are usually a few people watching the ships leaving when I have been going out of there, but its still a little ways away from the terminal and no beach or hotel for sure. I know there are probably one or two places along there, near the Victory Cruises place perhaps.


But I really don't think you can walk there from the Terminal. It is on the other side of the water, and its just highway's and roadways there.


Have to go into Coco Beach for hotels and beaches...about a $20 cab ride.

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So Google Maps is our friend.


Looks like there are four restaurants along the water between the new Terminal 1 and the rest of the Port.


Millien's Reef, Rusty's Seafood and Oyster Bar, Fishlips Bar & Grill and Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar. Any blame for these restaurants no longer existing should be given to the great god Google that shows them all in a row .


There is an area on the point, if I had to guess a mile and a half or so down from Terminal 1, labeled Jetty Park Compound ... google shows greenery and some sort of a beach. No comment on good beach or bad beach, it just looks like sand on Google Maps :) Zooming in does show umbrellas and people though so at least some people seem to be enjoying it.

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FYI - Terminal 1 does not look like it is anywhere near the other terminals.


The old terminals are all clustered on what is almost a small island, terminal 1 looks like it is a mile or so east of there on the "mainland" .

Oh, I assumed Terminal 1 was right near the old ones.  I learned something today!

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