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cancelling and rebooking shore excursions

Baked Alaska

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I have cancelled and re-booked a couple of shore excursions. I used a different credit card to rebook. Any idea how long it takes RCCL to refund back to the initial credit card. I did all this 4 days ago (on a Sunday). The re-booking charges have already appeared on my CC website, but the cancelled excursions have not appeared (as refund) on the old CC.

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On 7/11/2018 at 9:42 AM, twangster said:

Might vary by credit card company but for Amex it's typically 3 or 4 business days.  I do this all the time.   

Just opened a new chat about this because I didn't see this one.  This one doesn't answer my questions but I knew you would know the answers!  ?

Just looked and see my shore excursion I just booked is now $40 cheaper which will save me $80!  Can anyone tell me the steps to cancel and rebook and if there's a waiting period after you cancel before you rebook????

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11 minutes ago, tiny260 said:

They way I did it was hit cancel/delete/ remove (Whatever the button says) it will confirm it, 8-10 days the credit will return to your card, mine was actually around the 4 day mark.

Then buy it again at the discounted rate.

Buy it immediately or wait until they credit?  I'm afraid the discount rate won't be up that long.

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