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Quantum of the Seas

NY Cruiser19

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I loved the ship- I think its a great new version with lots of innovations and really liked the layout

I am not a huge fan of the Dynamic Dining and I think people are complaining about that

If there is something specific you are curious about let me know

The cabins are a really big enhancement I think as well.

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As with all reviews, you have to take them with a grain of salt.  So much of the review process is subjective and you really have to look at what people are complaining about and see what you think.  Personally, I can't wait to get back on in March.  She's a beautiful ship and I'm not too worried about 1-2 hours of my day (dinner) to let it ruin my excitement.  


I do advise making reservations for dining in advance.  Try for later times too (8pm or later).

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I was on the 9 night Quantum cruise in December. 


I would hope, for you, that by now they have fixed many of the technical problems.  Assuming that is the case I would say that the ship is beautiful, the cabins are great, and Bands in the Music Hall are top notch.


I would not go on this ship again however because of Dynamic Dining and the overall energy of the ship is not typical RC especially during the day.


My only recommendation is to make sure you have Diner Reservations for each night before you leave your house.  Reservations can be changed but the later it got in the cruise the harder it got - in my case it was due to technology problems so can't predict what you will experience.


Do the Rip Cord and make the reservation in the first day or two.  Same for the North Star.  We missed getting reservations because we waited too long.

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