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  1. I was on the 9 night Quantum cruise in December. I would hope, for you, that by now they have fixed many of the technical problems. Assuming that is the case I would say that the ship is beautiful, the cabins are great, and Bands in the Music Hall are top notch. I would not go on this ship again however because of Dynamic Dining and the overall energy of the ship is not typical RC especially during the day. My only recommendation is to make sure you have Diner Reservations for each night before you leave your house. Reservations can be changed but the later it got in the cruise
  2. Like everyone has said; Allure and Quantum that I have been on have muster stations inside. It may be more comfortable for the drill but if there were a real emergency I do not like the idea of heading inside the ship for my muster station. It seems much more logical to muster by lifeboats. I would prefer to be crammed in for the 30 minutes, or so.
  3. When the cruise has two formal nights people tend to dress up more for the first. The second tends to be more semi formal - at least for the women. My husband takes a sport coat and tie. A suit is not required. Some guys may not wear a sport coat or suite but that is not the norm. Note about Quantum: In The Grand where formal night is every night many people dress semi formal.
  4. I don't remember how long you are in the air, but I expect it is less than 5 min. When I went there was a 4 year old and 8 year old and they did great. The instructor handled them really well.
  5. I do not consider Windjammer as a dining option for dinner. Great for breakfast and lunch. I do want to be served for dinner. Another observation with Dynamic Dining is that there are no Assistant Waiters so the Waiter does everything. Result is everything takes longer to get.
  6. The Rip Cord was great fun. I must admit it would take a few times to relax enough and really feel the flying experience. For the most part I was just thinking about my form (chin up - I kept looking down) RESERVATIONS: I made my reservation on day 3 and got to go on day 8. Make reservations early or you may miss out. PICTURES: They have a camera but it was not running when I went so I have no pictures. Very disappointing. Have someone with you to take pictures. There is room for another person to hang around to take pictures and they did not discourage it.
  7. I was opened minded to Dynamic Dining but as it turns out we don't like it. The problem for us was lack of variety. We will not go on another ship with Dynamic Dining. They are changing over Oasis class ships to be Dynamic Dining - what a shame. Our cruise was 8 nights and there are four restaurants. If menu selection was like a typical restaurant with a lot of variety that would be fine, but the menu is really limited and does not change. We did not care for American Icon Grill. Chic has a really good Prime Rib - they call it Roasted Rib Eye. Their Potato Crusted Cod w
  8. Our cruise was the 8 night Bahamas and there was no Gatsby party or Wink show.
  9. My husband and I bought the drink package on Quantum for the 8 night cruise. Loved it. I tried drinks that I would not normally try. If I didn't like it, I didn't drink it. BOTTLED WATER: Still bottled water is included but you can't drink it from the mini bar in your cabin or you will be charged. You must get it from a bar. They will only give you one water at a time. So every time we went back to our cabin we stopped at a bar and got two waters - one for each package. Each 16.9 oz bottle would have been $3 if not on the package. That would have really added up - we drink a lot o
  10. Just got back from Quantum cruise yesterday. The RC website mentions a Gatsby event in two70. There was not one. Wink is another show listed on their web site but was never listed in the cruise compass.
  11. Yes - it was great. We used self assist debarkation to get off the Quantum yesterday. The instruction was to go to deck 5 forward (theater) or rear (two70). When we got off the elevator on deck 5 there was a staff member directing self assist people to a gangway on deck 5. We went right to the gangway and not to the theater or two70. We left about 7:30 a.m. and did not wait in any lines to get off the ship or at customs. There was an elevator once off the ship so we did not need to struggle with our luggage on the escalator. We will defiantly self assist from now on.
  12. 5 days away - Quantum leaving December 12, 2014. Yeah!
  13. Formal night, for sure. We opt out of taking formal clothes on vacation.
  14. Do many people come dressed like the roaring 20's? Which night is it on the 8 night cruise?
  15. My husband and I will be getting the Premium Drink Package on Quantum. The amount is about what we spend on our bar bill but there is one big advantage we are looking forward to; We are going to try all kinds of different cocktails that we would not normally try because I hate to spend good money on a drink I may not like. It's going to fun finding new drinks that we like.
  16. If I had an interior room, the Virtual Balcony would be very impressive. This trip we will have a real balcony room. I wonder about the apps. If I use my smart phone sea, will international charges apply? The RFID bracelet, which works as the room key and can also be used to make on-board purchases and navigate the ship, is an interesting idea. I will probably like the convenience however I do like to wear my bracelets and wonder how that will look.
  17. We like to book all of our excursions before the trip while I can research them on-line. You can often find youtube video of excursions. It's nice to get on vacation and have the decisions made and tickets in the room waiting for us. My husband and I decided a few cruises ago that we don't care to do formals nights anymore so we book specialty restaurants those nights. With Quantum we have think about this approach because one dining room will be formal every night. Not sure if we will choose to skip that dining room or take semi-formal attire. I take one pair of black pants for din
  18. On Lobster night my husband always orders a second meal. Our waiter once saw me taking a taste of my husbands dish and wanted to bring me one of the meals - I already had my own. Another time my husband ordered a main course thinking it was an appetizer - plus he ordered his meal. He was brought both main course meals. No one has to go hungry on a cruise :D
  19. How good is the snorkeling if I go on my own at Snorkel Beach without buying a excursion? Are there changing rooms or do I have to use the bathrooms to change out of a wet suit?
  20. December 12, 2014 - Quantum of the Seas
  21. Can anyone tell me if the Premium Drink Package will cover drinks when on Coco Cay?
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