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38 minutes ago, Sea Squirrel said:

Hello everyone. Could someone explain the D+ single supplemental rate to us. We've tried to piece it all together with multiple postings and are still a little confused. Thanks. 

It isn't really a D+ rate, its a rate that one receives after reaching 340 C&A points.  At this level you pay 150% of single cruiser fare, rather than 200%

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On 4/20/2024 at 1:55 PM, AshleyDillo said:

Not all sailings qualify and DP340 isn't combinable with everything...just to make it even more confusing 🤨

current sales at 60% off 2nd Guest have not been combinable for me or maybe they 60% off is more off than 50% off with Royal Math.

Anyway I run the numbers, I'm paying the same price currently as a Solo or as 2 passengers. So effectively no discount.

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I’m a solo cruiser. On applicable sailings, the way I figure it is to divide the basic cruise fare (minus tax, fees and add-ons such as insurance, pre-paid gratuities, cruise planner stuff, etc) by 4. Subtract that result from the cruise fare and then add on the rest.

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