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Time between docking and departing

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On most of our cruises the time to leave the ship after docking has been between 20 and 30 minutes. The cruise compass has the All Aboard times listed but don't try and be the last one aboard. My last cruise everyone was on-board a little early and the Captain thanked everyone and got the heck out of Dodge about 15 minutes early (it was our last stop).

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It depends on the port how long it takes to get clearance from the local authorities. In my experience (mostly Florida, Bahamas, Bermuda and Caribbean) it’s been about 30 minutes after they complete tying up at the pier.

The port that takes the longest is CocoCay…and Labadee. After the ship ties up, they have to unload all of the supplies (food, drink etc) that are going to be used on the island…plus the crew members, bar staff, servers, chefs. That can take over an hour.

All aboard time is usually 30 minutes prior to departure. Most passengers know to be back aboard even earlier. Beats standing in line. Plus, it’s a nightmare scenario to miss the ship!

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