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Drinks (again)

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Soon to be travelling on SOS, do drinks prices vary amongst the bars are all the prices the same?

Also confused as to the size of the beer offerings, some menus don't show the amount of liquid, whereas some state this?

Also do Playmakers sell pints of beer? i've read contradictory information.

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Drink prices do not vary among the bars (if you order a rum old fashioned at Schooners, it'll be the same price at the pool bar, etc).  All drinks will have an 18% gratuity added.  Expect to pay $14 for a mixed drink (plus tip), $6-20 per glass of wine, and $6-10 for beer.

The sizes of beer are 12 ounces except for the Foster's oil can.

I'm not sure about Playmakers, but I believe the do serve some sort of pint/bucket.


Hope this helps! 

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